Liberia: A Plea For Increase In Nurses Pay


The Editor,

Thanks a million for the job well done and for risking your lives on a daily basis to bring about peace, honesty, moral integrity and good leadership to Liberia and Liberians. 

I am concerned about the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery roles and responsibilities as an Umbrella institution for both Nurses and Midwifery within our country. 

Nurses salary on the average is less than $ 300. 00 USD (Three Hundred) and it has been this way for a long time. As compare to doctors Nurses earn less than 30% of the doctors monthly income and spend more hours on duty. 

In the average government facilities around the country there are only two shifts and nurses has to work either on the day shift or the night shift. These two shifts (12 hours a shift) are more than the 8 hours working in-consonance with the labor law.

The problem here is the same as my concerned. Why on earth this board of such nature refused to support these hard working members through mediation with government for salary increment, nursing and midwifery educational opportunities and regular working hours but instead; these people exploit their members through exorbitant license fees and renewal and a $ 25.00 USD increment for every month upon expiration of your license regardless of your place of work, income and distance to Monrovia. 

I am hurt and disappointed and hope that your good office and human conscience can investigate and publish an editorial that will have to make these people responsible to their members. My grandmother was both a nurse and midwife and she was and remains a pioneer at the JFK-Maternity Center and TNIMA.

Please do these health workers the honor of speaking for them.

Joseph Morris