Liberia: A Honest Appeal to the Council of Patriots


The Editor,

An issue that has claimed the attention of almost all Liberians, in recent times is the much talked about the December 30th protest called for by the COP. This has drawn different reactions from various circles. The mounting fear and tension is increasing daily since the ushering in of December. People who lived here during the entire crisis have reason to fear; those who were forced into exile have reasons to fear; and even those living abroad and have their relatives and love ones here, have reasons to fear.

I have always known four (4) days Liberians eagerly look forward to observing, regardless what. They are Christmas, Easter, July 26, and New Year Day. On these days, people sacrifice to enjoy and provide the best for their families. Christmas and New Year are fast approaching; citizens are looking forward to fill the various churches on New Year eve, to worship and praise God for sparing their lives, and then parade the streets singing “Happy New Year, me no die O”. Can this be possible now in the midst of fear and the alarming rhetoric from both sides?

I call upon the Council of Patriots to rethink their decision and timing. Liberian have been through and are going through enough this year, do not take the joy and peace of the Christmas and New Year from them.

I call upon the Council of Churches, the Interfaith Committee, the Muslim Council, the International Community and everyone to make an appeal to COP to rethink, and I call upon the COP not to harden their hearts like Pharaoh, this will in no way mean defeat. 

God bless us all.

J. Edmund Chenoweth

[email protected]