Lewis Brown: ‘I’m Unaware of Audit at MICAT, I Was Not Consulted’


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Mr. Editor,

My attention has been drawn to your online and in-print publication of September 18 titled “Liberia: GAC Report Discovers Over US$20M Unaccounted At MICAT, LPRC”. Despite the fact that I was the subject of the audit, until your news report, I was unaware about the conduct of the audit, have not been consulted at any stage of the audit, and even worse, I am yet to be presented with its findings.

Despite this, I still understand, appreciate and welcome the need for continuous audit which is critical to ensuring transparency and accountability in public service. All public servants must cooperate with this important societal duty.

However, it ought to be reasonable to expect that these important duties will be undertaken with due professional care and diligence so that we do not cause unnecessary, unintended and irreparable harm to the reputations of undeserving individuals, and even more importantly, risk the reputations of our public institutions which are tasked with upholding higher standards of integrity and professional care in the performance of these important duties.

I am informed that the Ministry dutifully responded to the draft report. I look to receive a copy of the final report, and should it be required, to respond more substantively to its findings.

With esteemed regards,

Lewis G. Brown, II