Letter to Senator Dr Henrique Tokpa


Dear Senator Tokpa:

Let me take this time to say thank you for the little you have done for the people of Bong County since your election as Senator in the 2018 by-election, replacing former Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor now Vice President of Liberia. Hoping that you will do more when the people of Bong County reelect you in 2023 since you are “eating cold rice”.

Sir, during the 2018 by-election, you promised that upon your election,you were going to bring companies (Juice/ Fishery Companies) to invest in the county in other to create employment opportunities for the young people and citizens of the county, and sometimes back, you said the companies could not come because of COVID-19.

Recently, you also told the people of Bong County that the “investors” cannt come because the current Government of Liberia is very corrupt.

Sir, the real issue is, can you please give us the names of those companies,so that we do some fact checking about their existence to also help make the argument strong for you in the county, because we are now living in a very small world with the presence of mobile phones that can help us make research.

Lastly Dr Tokpa, in 2018 again,you promised to build a liberiary which you broke grounds for right opposite the women center,do you still remember sir?

I am hoping that this note will reach you in a very good healthy condition.

Respectfully yours,

Obe G. Smith

[email protected]