Let’s Not Be In A Hurry To Condemn Brother Gabriel Nyenka


The Editor,

The story of presidential appointee Gabriel Nyenkan and his alleged “storm troopers” invading the LEITI office is currently making the rounds in Monrovia. Yes, the opponents of the CDC have yet another reason to assail us ! Sadly I see a small group of CDCians joining the chorus in the condemnation of our brother.

Like MANY false stories about CDCians, no one is willing to properly investigate and ascertain the FACTS surrounding the incident. Firstly, no one is questioning the claims of current office holders – whether TENURED or not – who are claiming to be the legal occupants of various offices despite presidential pronouncements indicating otherwise. The obvious disregard for the president’s authority is not only appalling but goes against any claims the current occupants of those offices are prepared to stake. We have witnessed very ugly scenes at the MCC, FDA, and others to name a few.

There are those who – with almost knee-jerk reactions – are attempting to castigate brother Nyekan while making no reference to the current occupant of the office in question. In the absence of a legitimate court order, the current occupant should have VACATED the office even IF the appointment of brother Nyekan was in error. His obvious INTRANSIGENCE to vacate and seek redress where applicable is a direct challenge to the president’s authority.

Until ALL the facts are known – regarding this particular incident – we will NOT condemn our brother, NEVER ! To my fellow CDCians, I say – BEWARE, the opposition will NOT rest until they succeed in engendering CONFLICT within our ranks !


Benjamin Kofa Fyneah
[email protected]