‘Gold-Digger’ Shaw Bad For President Weah


Elections are next year: fall in line or get out of their way. No more N troops so beware Liberian media.






The Editor,

Mr. Emmanuel Shaw is a gold digger and an opportunist. He is also an example of a real corrupt Liberian. Mr. Shaw should never be given a position within the Weah’s government.

He worked within the Tolbert’s government and Tolbert was assassinated, he worked for the Doe government, Doe was assassinated by Prince Y. Johnson and his group, and Mr. Shaw also worked for Taylor’s government and Taylor is now in Prison, in England.

Madam Sirleaf completed her term as president of the Republic of Liberia with dignity. Mr. Emmanuel Shaw went into self-imposed exile in South Africa. Mr. Shaw never worked for Madam Sirleaf’s government. Do you see the trends? Men like Mr. Shaw are those that increase the poverty level in Liberia.

Mr. Shaw must show the Liberian people the millions of United Dollars that he allegedly received from the sale of late President Samuel Kanyon Doe’s presidential Jet. President Weah, Mr. Shaw must be prosecuted.

Stephen Railey

[email protected]