Global Witness Bribery Probe – “Corruption 101 Liberia Style”


The Editor,

When Big Boy Shannon was indicted for bribery, I couldn’t stop thinking about the book—“Corruption 101-Liberia Style”–written by Len Lindstrom!  (Re “Global Witness Bribery Probe- Big Boy 1 Appears.)

Mr. Lindstrom is a Canadian Investor, who published a Pulitzer Prize- worthy book about theft and corruption at the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME), while Dr. Eugene Shannon was the Minister.

After reading the book, it would become clear to you that 99.9999 percent of the MLME Ministers are nothing but born rogues! 

In the book, Mr. Lindstrom named names and provided solid evidence (documentary) to back up his claims .  

A free download of the book is available at

But after the book was published, you didn’t hear a peep out of the President or the Lawmakers.

They were acting like Bo-bo people! (Re “Liberian Govt mute on Corruption 101, FrontPageAfrica)

But Big Boy Shannon and his bribe-taking-buddies went ballistic.  

They threatened Lindstrom’s life, and called him everything but a child a God! (Re “Canadian investor claims life in danger for exposing corruption”, Africa Review)

Now that Dr. Shannon has been arrested for bribery, Mr. Lindstrom feels vindicated.  Thus, he’s thinking about writing another book: “Every Day for Thief man One Day for Owner!”

That book will show you how Big Boy Shannon used his office to loot, steal, and build his 27-bed room palatial home with 100 feet high fence around it.

Behind bars is where he belongs! But do you think you’ll ever see him there? Please.

Ok, ok, let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Fact #1) The Liberian government is incompetent: They continually insult our intelligence by indicting these born rogues, but you never see anyone of behind bars.

Fact #2) Some judges and jury take bribe to find the defendants not guilty.

Fact #3) Dr. Shannon’s wife (Loris) is the Deputy Minister of State for Presidential Affairs.

Fact #4) The Special Prosecutor (Counselor Felonati Koffa) is the Minister of State without Portfolio, but he’s an ex-convict.

Fact #5) He was convicted of fraud in North Carolina (USA).

After looking at those facts, what do you think are the chances of Dr. Shannon being convicted of felony (bribery)? The answer? Slim to none!

But pray for conviction–okaay? And remember, “Every day for thief man one day for owner”!

Martin Scott,
Atlanta, Georgia