Conflict of Interest Hurting Liberia


The Editor,

In the case of Liberia with poor regulatory laws and monitoring systems, it is just wrong to appoint people who run private competitive businesses against the government’s programs. About 85% of those who run the Ministry of Education either own private schools, colleges or have vested interests in these private institutions so how do you expect the public schools and colleges to be better when doing so will cripple the businesses of these officials ??? The same thing seems to be applicable at the Ministry of Health where the Minister owns the Jallah Medical Center.

Also when Brownie Samukai ran the Ministry of National Defense, his security outfit, EXZECON had the best facilities, pay package, benefits, etc as compared to the poorly catered Armed Forces of Liberia. We need to put stop to this corrupt practice.

Paulo Gibson Doepoh
Advancing Digital Frontiers