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The Editor,

After the failed leadership of Senator Weah as the Senator of Montserrado County, the citizens of Montserrado County are heading once more to elect another senator to represent their interests. The people of Montserrado must take the upcoming senatorial election very seriously, since it is our interests which will be at risk if the wrong candidate is elected for the second time. The campaign is on, and we all see the CDC’s candidate Paulita Wie’s campaign photo alongside that of George Weah, a man who became a disappointment to the people of Montserrado County.

On the senatorial political field of play is loyalty versus competence. From all indications, the political alliance of Paulita and Weah must be seen as an act of loyalty to Weah. Therefore, she will be unable to independently perform her oversight responsibilities should the people of Montserrado make the wrong choice as was made with Weah. Let us be clear here, Ms. Paulita’s loyalty to President Weah, irrespective of whether it is a cause or a principle, will be dangerous as such a person has been fully compromised and will not hesitate to not pay heed to the plight of the electorates. Blind allegiance can be expected from Paulita, as a CDCian, and the support for anything that would serve Weah’s interest. Therefore, it is with no doubt that Ms. Paulita would have voted to remove Justice Kabineh Ja’neh unconstitutionally if she were a senator in office. 

Since the tenure of the presidency of George Weah, the country continues to descent into hunger, desperation, and uncertainty, making life unbearable across the country, especially in the Montserrado County where over half of the population resides. It is important to question whom we trust in representing the interests of the people of Montserrado County I strongly believe that a highly competent individual is of real value who would rather give more weight to accountability, respect for the rule of law, respectfully debate and discuss legislative matters, craft and present bills that would seek the well-being of the electorates, rather than a loyalist. Abraham Darius Dillon has proven to be a competent individual with high moral standard, legislative skills, and knowledge to be elected as our next Senator for the Montserrado County. Nevertheless, I challenge the Press Union of Liberia to organize a debate among the senatorial contenders to provide them with the opportunity to offer their coherent visions which they will advocate in the legislature on behalf of the people they wish to represent.

As I listen to President Weah speaking to his partisans at their headquarters on June 22, he failed to articulate the competency of the CDC’s senatorial and representative candidates, but rather attacked responsible citizens with false accusations mixed with malice and hate. If this is the kind of politics President Weah is promoting in these elections, it is incumbent upon all well-meaning Liberians, and non-partisan, advocacy groups to vehemently reject any form of division being promoted by the president when the citizens are uncompromisingly maintaining peace as was demonstrated during the protest on 7th June. 

The president must accept the fact that he has become the chief caretaker of all citizens of the Republic of Liberia. In this process, not everyone will be satisfied with his style of management. Therefore, criticisms will be inevitable. Keeping an inept City Mayor in position with the city being overrun by human waste and garbage sends a message that the president’s loyalty to his party and party members supersedes that to the nation’s capital, Monrovia. 

Let the electorates be reminded that Montserrado County is the seat of our national government and as such, it is our fundamental duty to ensure that we elect a competent person who will fully represent the aims and aspirations of the people of Montserrado County instead of representing an individual’s interest in the senate or the house of the representative. In addition, let not compromise our strength, courage, and dignity for an incompetent candidate to be elected. The current ongoing problems in the city of Monrovia which is the nation’s capital cannot be overemphasized. The poor transportation system, students not reaching classes on time has become very difficult, along with high unemployment, high schools, and universities without adequate libraries, lack of decent public toilets, sewage pipes burst open around the city posing health hazard, unskilled young men and women using the Palm Gove cemetery located in the heart of the city as their recreation center. 

Notwithstanding, in a few days we are to make a candid decision in our interest as the residents of Montserrado County by voting. We must consider our plight and challenges as citizens to ensure we send our active voices, Abraham D. Dillon and Talia Urey to the senate and the House of Representatives to join the few who are struggling to exercise their oversighted responsibilities. One of the fundamental admirations for democracy is sustaining our democratic institutions that will enhance the well-being of its people. Mistakes of the past by voting for incompetent leaders must not be repeated. 

Charles Russell
[email protected]

Philadelphia, PA