CDC Critics Wrong On Change For Hope


The Editor,

The latest non-issue cacophony to hit the Liberian political landscape is the ado over the CDC campaign slogan – “Change for Hope”.

Anyone with half a brain can decipher the meaning of such a simple but very effective catchphrase, but protagonists of the CDC are hell bent on ridiculing the message and ultimately hope to cast enough aspersions on it to reduce its significance.

When a clueless, corrupt and incompetent group of people – as in the Unity Party – is confronted and simultaneously confounded by the truth they instinctively resort to literally muddying the waters – mainly obfuscation meant to sway public opinion!

Intentional misrepresentation

The CDC critics sadly have intentionally wrongly attributed the word change – a word meant to denote a socio-political and economic transformation – to monetary denomination i.e. coins.

This pseudo “Change for Hope” confusion is being disgracefully peddled on the one hand by political enemies of the CDC – some of whom are invested in maintaining the “status quo” – and on the other hand by those who hope to use this gimmick to stir up enough distractions to derail the CDC’s current political momentum.

Change for Hope examined

From the slogan it is apparent that the CDC goal is to bring about the needed political, social and economic changes that Liberia and Liberians need.

Since the country’s inception, the hopes of Liberians have been constantly dashed by consecutively failed governments who have promised a lot but delivered very little.

The CDC also intends to revive the hopes of Liberians – to give them tangible reasons to be both hopeful and expectant that this time their government will be in their interest and do everything possible to address the myriads of problems they are faced with.

The CDC represents and seeks change. A change that will indeed make Liberians hopeful again!


Muyan, Muyan

Benjamin Kofa Fyneah, Contributing Writer
[email protected]