CDC Chickens Coming Home To Roost?


The Editor,

Could it be said that “the chickens are coming home to roost” in the CDC?” I hope not but this is becoming a problematic trend for Senator George Weah and the CDC.

When the CDC should be experiencing an influx, it is now an exodus of its heavyweights. Why?

Elections are just five months away. I will stop here for now for me who was a drum major in the 2005 and 2011 elections for a native George Manneh Weah.

I have been trumpeting a Joseph Nyumah Boakai–George Manneh Weah all-native Dream Team presidential ticket in my political commentaries on FrontPageAfrica and on radio talk shows here in America but my suggestion fell on deaf ears. Instead, Weah opted for a NPFL-NPP alliance. Now things are beginning to fall apart.

I am a strong advocate for native unity but this caĺl is far above the paygrade for many natives to digest, especially when you take into consideration the calculated, strategic maneuvering of the congau to maintain their grip on power.

How else would one describe President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s lip-service and lukewarm support for her loyal native Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai when she is openly supporting her fellow congau Charles Walker Brumskine?

Ellen can deny all she wants that she is not supporting Brumskine but we natives know better. When native politicians are leaving her ruling Unity Party in droves and many are saying–like the Mandingo Musa Bility–that Ellen endorsed their carpet-crossing to Brumskine’s Liberty Party, and then this crucial election has become Natives versus Congau.

But money will not vote; instead, people will vote and our people and Mr, Boakai will do to Brumskine what George Weah did to Ellen’s son Robert in the 2014 senatorial contest. Brumskine has swallowed what has become the “Ellen-curse” to swamp his campaign. The poor voters are not stupid anymore; they will “eat” Brumskine’s money and then vote for Boakai.

This old dirty politricks of congua manipulation of natives by dangling bones/money in front of natives to sell their soul to the devil has reached its political deathbed in this election. So we gladly bid farewell to native sellouts: the Harrison Karnweas, the Jeremiah Suluntehs, Musa Bilitys and others who abandoned native Joseph Boakai for congua Charles Walker Brumskine, Alexander Cummings and Mills Jones.

This reality of these native political “Judases” has not lost on our people as made public in pronouncements of endorsements by the Kpelleh people of Bong County and our Gio and Mano kinsmen of vote-rich Nimba County when they referred to Joseph Boakai as “an indigenous true son of the soil.”

In-fact, our poor Gio and Mano sisters and mothers made history when they raised money for Mr. Boakai’s presidential campaign, a first ever in Liberia.

So, as the nation awaits the biggest political decision by Mr. Joseph Boakai for his VP pick, he is not burdened like the Congau who must pick a native as VP.

We urge Mr, Boakai to pick a native who has grassroots support to help him win in a first-round knockout on October 10, 2017 to put Liberia on an irreversible course in our ugly history: natives for self-governance.

Back to the CDC debacle: “So shall you make your bed, so shall you lie in it.” Why would George Weah and the CDC that rose to popularity without ties to other political parties now find themselves in such entanglements that may mean the decline of that powerful grassroots movement?

Just imagine a Boakai-Weah ticket as I had been preaching? But good luck to Weah and the CDC. And this is why I support Joseph Nyumah Boakai, We natives have suffered far too long in our own country under the Congau to remain divided.

Out of 24 “presidents”, there has been only one native president, Samuel Doe when natives constitute 95% of the population. Enough is enough.

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Washington, D.C., USA