An Open Letter To Senator-Elect Darius Dillon


Hon. Darious Dillon
Montserrado county
Republic of Liberia

Dear Hon. Dillon;

I present compliments of my highest esteem to you and your families including your office staff.

As a concerned citizen and advocate for social justice, I’m hugely constrained writing you this letter.

Hon. Senator, few weeks/months ago we opposition were all in the street protesting for our legal right.

But today Hon. Senator, please permit me to kindly appeal to you in the name of Almighty God and see reason to please appeal to your friend COP official members for us to please stop the PROTEST and focus on what you are going to do up there for the betterment of our people and to encourage other ruling partizan to vote us/ joined our opposition political parties comes 2020 senatorial election.

I was one of the most strong organizer for the June 7 protest and  a strong campaigner for you Honorable Senator.

But today you has taken a highest and responsible seat in government, at this movement we opposition political parties need to used this one year to work hard encourage other ruling partizan to joined us to be more confidence in 2020 senatorial election.

I’m a college student attending Harbel College in Firestone Liberia, Harbel city, I don’t want job from you honorable senator, I’m sorry for me saying this.

I just giving you a advice because you are a opposition friend of my.

Sincerely yours,
Joseph M. Dolo
Concern citizen/Critics [email protected]