An Open Letter to Nelson Oniyama and All Liberians


Dear Liberians,

This comes as a letter to clear the name of miss Courage Boyonnoh Sundberg concerning the allegations made against her by Nelson Oniyama that I have had her at my service in tarnishing and impugning his character. This allegation made against this lady is false.

Mrs Sundberg has nothing to do with this. Months back during the entire DNA drama and manipulation I asked Mrs Sundberg if she knew a journalist, and that was in August of 2018. when I called her that day, she told me she was at work and could not speak on the phone but she would text me a contact, which she did when she hung the phone with me. That was before I even explained anything concerning this entire rape and DNA case to her.

Later on that evening she called and asked me why I needed a journalist contacts. That was when I explain to her the story of me & Dr Oniyama, as a result, he had manipulated the DNA test and I wanted to go to the press.

I even mentioned to Mrs Sundberg that Oniyama is a very good buddy to the vice president. Mrs Sundberg word to me was that me going to the press didn’t sound like a good idea. After I realized that the DNA was manipulated I decided to go back to Belgium. Since then I had not had inner peace, I have been struggling with what Oniyama did to me. When I got back to Belgium in 2018, I contacted Henry Costa and many other journalists who for some reason decided not to fight my case.

I felt that to have inner peace I needed to go public with what Oniyama did to me, “Rape & drug”. I then contacted the watchdog newspaper, frontpage and many other papers some time ago and that was when I went public with my story about Oniyama raping me.

Mrs Sundberg like everyone else saw this rape story for the first time when it was published in the newspaper so how can she _ been a part of this? she was shocked when she read it. So why would Oniyama tarnish the reputation of an innocent person? Is this his way to take the public eyes from on him? Oniyama knows I am saying the truth and he should deal with me and take this poor lady and another journalist out of this. I hope I have made myself clear that Mrs Sundberg has nothing to do with his and that Nelson Oniyama is a diabolical lair, and a rapist.

Respectfully Yours,

Almaz Jalloh