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Dear Excellencies:

Let me extend my greetings to you all and express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the support you continue to give Liberia in supporting its development agenda over the years and supporting the restoration and maintenance of peace. 

I have observed with great interest your very persuasive and intervening roles in recent days in working with the Government of Liberia and planners of the much talked about protest which took place on June 7, 2019 in Monrovia under the banner of the “Council of Patriots” who are drawn from various political institutions that contested against the current CDC-led government in October 2017. I believe that your role played helped a lot to prepare both sides in conducting themselves peacefully during the June 7, 2019 protest in Monrovia. I must say thanks to the Government of Liberia and the planners of the protest for having a very peaceful day which reflects a gradual progress in our democracy.

While it is true that there was a peaceful day in Liberia during the June 7, 2019 protest, I remain very traumatized and concern due to the way the day ended.  The below are my reasons why I remain traumatized and concern.   During the protest, I heard four broad demands either by their comments or through songs they sang which include:

Economic difficulties faced by Liberia 

Low or no fight against corruption by President Weah

Governance for all

War Crime Court

The above issues are not issues that can be solved in one day as insinuated by the protesters and even in the President’s last week address to the nation, he acknowledged the economic difficulties and issues related to the fight against corruption and a Liberia for all to benefit.  While I am not in defense of President George M. Weah, it is a known fact that even great economists in the world will confirm that it takes time to revamp a downward trend economy in Liberia (consuming economy and aid driven) and Africa in general. As the protesters were seeking immediate response and therefore requested that the President go to receive their petition, I see it Impractical for an immediate solution but rather a medium term one. 

More besides, for the protesters to have also refused to present their petition to the Minister of Justices who was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of State without Portfolio, and other government representatives, it indicates that there are other motives that requires immediate international attention. It is worth noting that it has cost Liberia and the International community a lot to attain the peace we now have. 

Your Excellencies, getting protesters back in the streets in roll in Liberia as indicated today after the protesters failed to present their petition to the government of Liberia will surely continue to damage our already challenged economy as we could see that businesses, schools and others remained closed all day on June 7, 2019. While we celebrate the peaceful nature of the protest, we can surely say that the Economy was also hurt today and even before today, potential investors who had the intensions of coming to Liberia waited to see todays’ protest before concluding thoughts of their plan for Liberia. Further threat of protest will continue to derail the government’s efforts in restoring the economy and by default, we and our people will continue to suffer.  I can imagine the suffering my parents and I went through during our Liberian civil war as I was just three (3) years when the civil war of 1990 started. We cannot afford to allow Liberia slip into another bloodbath and damage everything that has been and are being built.

Hence, I am humbly requesting a quick look into the Liberia case which is not becoming worrying and traumatizing for many including me. Liberia’s peace remains fragile and has a serious threat hanging over it if you all do not move in quickly. If you have followed the process, there has been many hate messages, which if not address immediately, all investments made into getting peace in Liberia could be damaged in just a few hours and destroy a lot of lives and properties. 

Thanks for your Considerations.

Emmanuel N. B. Flomo

[email protected]