A Plea to President Weah to Fix The Du River Bridge


Dear Mr. President;

We present our compliments of our highest esteem to you and your cabinet members including the Law Maker of the 54th national legislature.

We the concern citizens of Bondiway, Du.Side community, Brown’s Town, Kpaya Town, 15th gate and Harbel including the other surrounding communities in Firestone Liberia Margibi county are kindly requesting for your help.

Your excellency, few years ago, there was bridge that was damage by the Chinese company truck in 2017 (Du. River Bridge)

In view of the foregoing, we the concern citizens of the above communities are kindly requesting for your to please help us to construct the damage Bridge called DU.RIVER BRIDGE.

Your Excellency, the damage of this bridge had brought a very hardship to the citizens of Margibi county.

As you know the road leading from 15th gate to the Robert International Airport is the only road that Margibian are depending on to transport their Goods from Kakata to the Harbel general market and RIA.

We hope and pray that this message with reach to you in Jesus Christ name Amen.

Thank for your usual cooperation

Respectfully yours,
Joseph M. Dolo
 [email protected]