A Plea To Dr. J. Mills Jones And Citizens of District-10


The Editor,

These are the facts about Leo Mulbah, your candidate for a Legislative position:

1. Leo Mulbah helped the Liberian Association of Metropolitan Atlanta (LAMA) get a center that is no more; because it had to be run as an event center to generate a certain amount of money. He and his girlfriend at the time crossed the deal. He happened to be married at the time.
2. He practiced nepotism and conflict of interest by placing his girlfriend at the event center to collect monies and run the place
3. He insulted Rev Harris, Mother Elaine Wolo and other elders in the Liberian community organization; and constantly used harsh and negative words against his fellow Liberians
4. He was abrasive and tyrannical in how he ran the organization and most meetings were chaotic. Isaac Van Tukpah was present at one where he got into an insulting match with another person. I have video recordings of that meeting.
5. He got into a physical altercation with Joe Reeves at a LAMA meeting and drew blood
6. He insulted Mr Alex Cummings after he was asked to step down from Mr Cummings’ Liberian Presidential Exploratory committee.

These are just some of the reasons why I feel that he will bring dishonor to your MOVEE Party, your name, and will be a tyrant if he were to become a Liberian Representative.

Please feel free to speak to independent witnesses; other than his friend Will Jalllah, and those that ran the Liberian organization with him.

Bartum Kulah,
[email protected]