A Halt To Minister Nagbe’s Reckless, Rudely Behavior


The Editor,

It is totally unethical and irresponsible for a major figure in the information sector in person of Minister Eugene Nagbe to rain insults on a respected female journalist and her colleagues while on national duty in our country.

Nagbe’s utterance is a totally lip serve to his master who is a female respected figure, the media professionals and womanhood.

Mr. Editor, it is becoming glaring that Nagbe and his likes are now frustrated over the poor leadership ability they have brought to the country over the years and at the eve of their departure is now engaging in different attacks on members of the press.

Let it be clear to Nagbe and his followers that “Power does not corrupt, Fear corrupts”. Perhaps the fear of losing power is hunting him and his likes as they have failed to provide good leadership for the Liberian people.

Members of the media can in no way sing praises for the government as they are there to watch over society.

Although my life, I learned that respect must be given to all people regardless of status but it is unbelievable that Nagbe has got out of ORDER and JUNKED with his power as Lie Lie propaganda tools for the government.

Indeed, such remarks from Mr. Nagbe, also jeopardize the considerable progress that our nation has made to promoting free speech.  

It is a serious violation of the tents of our transparent democracy, a fundamental practice that promotes those principles of good governance, transparent democracy and fundamental practice that promote the principle of good governance.

The minister damning utterance on journalists is indeed the most “Unpatriotic” and “Reckless” comments ever expressed by a single public officer.

Let it be clear to the Minister that his analysis of the reporter clearly exposes his arrogance of power, lack of strategic foresights in handling public debates and his outdated self-centered doctrines of “offensive propaganda” in the national media. No Liberian with a good moral conscience will obstruct the primary objective of journalists in such manner.

The Minister must know that self-respect leads to self-discipline and it is an open secret on how he got his chance in the Unity party government, only by climbed to power on the ladders of “Talking Plenty Nonsense and Praise Singing”.

Also Mr. Editor let me expressed my disappointment over the unprofessional attitude exhibited by the management of the National Broadcaster ELBC and Minster Nagbe to denied ordinary voices from the national broadcaster.

Hummm….it is now becoming glaring that the Liberian Broadcasting System is the protective shed for the Executive branch. The likes of Legerdhood Rennie, Patrick Honnah, and Christopher Sellee are the engine suppressing the voices of the Liberian people.

They have compromise professional ethics just to sustain themselves. Just last week, the Minister of Information, who is the board chairman of LBS  came out openly , maybe he forget or like the saying , “That God beating them so…”  openly leak out the secret that critical voices are not to be heard on the national broadcaster.

At the National Legislature, the Minister was heard threatening a broadcaster from LBS dismissal for allowing a representative of the Liberian people to give his personal view about the President’s final annual address.

It is an open secret that lot of professional broadcasters resigned from LBS under the current leadership more than ever in the history at the LBS due to the unprofessional attitude of the current management and Minister Nagbe.

Let it be clear that the Liberian Broadcasting System is for the people and a means where messages are channel from the people to the government and government to its people.

Finally, Mr. Editor all eyes are now set on the newly elected leadership of the Press Union of Liberia to see how they will handle the issues of Eugene Nagbe verbal insults on journalists Estelle Liberty-Kemue, of Power FM/TV , Jackson Clay of the New Republic newspaper and other colleagues  as there are skepticism that the leadership headed by Charles Coffey who grew professional  in government, at the “Liberia Broadcasting System” will be professional in executing his duty as President of the PUL .
Remember the pen is mightier than the sword.

Ms. Princess Kollie, Liberian journalist residing in Seattle, Washington USA, formally of Liberia Women Democracy Radio
[email protected]