A Caution to President George Weah – Stop Violating Liberia’s Organic Laws


I am glad that our History is alive. It is replete with the same old missteps by Liberian leaders and the same old behavior by those who have been chosen to rule Liberia.










Mr. President,

Stop the gross violations of our organic constitution. Your continuous violations of our laws don’t only speak so low of lack of governance, but it has the propensity to scare investors and partners away due to potential lack of trust in your leadership and the rule of law. Below are few violations carried out just in four months of your leadership. Interestingly, these are non-negotiable and inexcusable laws being violated.

1. National Population and Housing Census law which amongst other thing mandates government to conduct national census ever ten years.

2. Violation of article 37, which amongst other things mandate the holding of bi-election within 90 days following a vacancy in the National legislature.    

3. Your gross violation of section 9.1 of the constitution which amongst other things banned the acceptance of casual gift in connection with public officials duties!!

Mr. President, your government recent disclosure of owning private jet (plane) offered by a friend is not only unwelcoming and scaring, but it triggers many questions in the minds of those struggling to interpret your pro-poor agenda.   https://frontpageafricaonline.com/politics/liberia-pres-weah-denies-buying-private-jet-says-it-was-offered-by-a-friend/  Among these questions include:

1. Who’s the friend that provided the plane?

2. How long will you (Weah) have such plane?

3. Who pays for the jet fuel and maintenance in the midst of high oil price?

4. Who pays the pilot?

5. Who pays the international aviation landing fees?

6. On what basis was the plane provided?

7. What’s the quality of the plane in terms of air safety?

“SECTION 9.1 STATES: “Public Officials and Employees of Government shall not receive nor encourage the giving of any form of bribe or casual gift in connection with the performance of his or her official duties, whether for himself or herself or members of his or her family or any other benefits that could have any influence on his or her professional approach to issues and the discharge of his or her official duties. This shall not include gifts given during traditional ceremonies and celebrations, and fees paid for Lobbying. The Legislature shall enact laws for the regulation of lobbying activities”

Mr. President, Liberians deserve better!! Government activities MUST never be conducted in secret nor our organic-laws be violated intentionally. Mr. President please note these violations are not only grounds from impeachment but also leaves gap in the watchful eyes of our international partners!

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Binda

Liberian Citizen

[email protected]

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