Hardship and Torment – The Concluding Part of This Regime


As we experience a few days ago, we are at a stage where families are dissatisfied of the prevailing circumstances that are leading to empty stomach.

They are dissatisfied with the way things are going in their own country.

A country the entire world consider to have more resources and expect to be making great progress; a country that foreigners believed to have had skyscrapers and others decent places but all on the contrary.

This regime has made things more difficult for all, even those that worked in public offices. They are all complaining of the treatment of abstinence which causing harshness or bitterness of speech to children when reach home from work.

It was very sad that this season, the Liberian Dollars to US Dollars is LD$105 to US$1. We are actually heading folks, nowhere.  All these are causing serious hardship and torment for people who even to get daily meal is difficult.

There is a need that international community intervene to enable the state loose it tastes not at the dying minute. Even thou one may say it has already.

Our people are facing situation that is abstruse at the expense of bad leaders. The complained of hardship is too much in every corner of our country. Corruption has engulfed every sector leaving the country underdeveloped.

“We paid taxes, and then we are not getting the just benefit of these taxes paid.” An old man said while in a discussion.

That is exactly true folks; the whole country is been run by those leaders who always consider their interest more than the interest of the gigantic majority of our people.

There is a need to be very careful in these 2017 upcoming elections not to elect leaders that will be after their own interest.

It is very difficult that even people that you think can deliver the masses can turn up to be sheep in white clothing.

What a shame for this leadership that have allow hardship and torment to become the order of our daily lives as we gear towards their end.

It is scaring that zogoes are going back at various junctions and business sites to steal from our suffering poor people.

It is scaring that children have confidently disrespected their parents this season, as their parents are unable to provide season clothes and others for them.

 It is scaring that the criminal rate will surely increase, as those young people that received contracts around are not receiving any.

It is scaring that as this regime fades away there will be no need to export any resources for the next 20 years, as the exportation is on the increase daily and there is no improvement in our country.

It is scaring that most police officers want to be traffic police as this is the only way they will be able to take something home for the family to eat the next day.

It is scaring that more public schools are unseated with students sitting on the floor in the quest to acquire education by means of elaborating their families members in the future from poverty, as these schools are not monitor by government.

It is scaring that the government says they have opened vocational schools but no practical equipment for students, as the government is unable to supply these vocational institutions with practical equipment.

The president promised in 2011 inauguration, to have provided 20,000 jobs for young people annually; we are yet to see it happen for even a year, as some of her officials are using it as a means of spoiling young people bisexually.

Where are we heading folks? When all these things are happening in our country and our leaders seems not to be actively involved in finding solution.

Folks, I am recommending the following steps be taking by this government and international partners in finding solution to these problems that are causing our country backward. With these recommendations, I strongly believe we all can be able to live happily in our country:

  • That there be a monitoring team to visit public schools on a daily basic and allotment be made for the purchasing of arm chairs for public schools every year;
  • That there be made available practical equipment to vocational schools for the smooth training of these students;
  • There be high measure imposed on those that are spoiling our brothers and sisters in the quest of giving them job;
  • There be made available jobs at various institutions (public and private) to ease the job problem faced by graduates;
  • There be stay order on exported natural resources as reserve;
  • Programs are put in place to make zogos good citizens;
  • Police officers be paid good salaries to enable them provide the service require of them.
  • The Ministry of Commence and the Central Bank work collectively in reducing the rate of USD to LRD and the price of stables commodities be reduce and
  • There is measure in making sure citizens are giving their just benefit of the country’s resources

The fight for the voiceless and the emancipation of the ordinary people will continue throughout our advocacy until the country resources benefit the less well-off vast majority of the population.

This too is Liberia folks, as we gear toward making Liberia a better place for all.

Happy New Year

Arthur Weedor, Contributing Writer
Agronomist/ Youth Activists, SUP
0776816059/0886389008/[email protected]