Compare Trump to LP’s Inside Establishment


If we are to go by the Liberty Party Chairman’s analogy in comparing American and Liberian Presidential elections, then equally so the LP Chairman should have compared Donald Trump to LP’s insider establishment, old guard party leader, veteran Liberian politician Charles Walker Brumskine.

It is interesting to note that LP Chairman Maxwell Grimsby left out the fact that Donald Trump is an outsider; that this was his first time ever running for any public office; that Trump ran his campaign using his own money ($100 million); that he was not endorsed and financed by a sitting President unlike Charles Brumskine.

Let me then X-ray Charles Brumskine’s political career. Mr. Brumskine comes from a political family whose history goes back to the era of the corrupt, repressive minority rule one-party regime of the True Whig Party.

The True Whig Party ruled Liberia with an iron hand that enslaved the tribal majority of our population. Mr. Brumskine was an adult then in 1980 when the TWP was uprooted but he saw no evil, spoke no evil and heard no evil.

We fast forward to post-TWP era. Mr. Brumskine was the cheer leader in the rubber-stamp Legislature of the murderous regime of his friend, Charles Taylor’s yes sir-yes sir, saw-no-evil Senate as President Pro Temp. Lawyer Brumskine was the architect in drafting the most one-sided socalled “peace agreements” that were skewed in favor of Charles Taylor.

As leader in the NPP- dominated Senate, Senator Brumskine supervised with unchallenged authority the virtual granting of our natural resources to Absolute Dictator Charles McArthur Taylor in financing his scorch-earth, leave no living thing stand policy.

And if that was not enough, Senator Charles Walker Brumskine saw no evil, spoke no evil and herd no evil when Supreme Commander Charles Taylor’s blood thirsty soldiers went on a killing spree, especially targeting the political leaders of the Gios and Manos ethnic groups of Nimba who helped him crushed his opposition: Jackson F. Doe, Moses Duopu, and the gruesome murder of Sam Dokie and his wife and many other politicians. Good luck if Brumskine wins vote-rich Nimba County.

Therefore Mr. Maxwell Grisby, Chairman of Mr. Brumskine’s socalled “Liberty” political party, it is not accidental that you left out this history of Charles Brumskine as you likened him to American businessman and President-elect Donald Trump.

And I am not done yet with Senator Brumskine who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth and is now being supported and financed, according to Liberian media, by President Ellen Johnson.

Unlike Mr. Trump who ran for his first public office ever in the just concluded US Presidential elections, Senator Charles Brumskine was in the Senate, ran for President of Liberia not once, not twice but three times and is seeking his fourth attempt at the Liberian presidency in 2017.

Now, let it be known that Donald Trump, a successful career businessman is no Charles Brumskine, a career Liberian establishment politician with a checkered tinted political history.

Mr. Grisby, you can talk about how Liberians are tired with third term political parties. Americans voted for a first-time outsider who campaigned on the message of change, Mr. Donald Trump, while Liberians will be deciding on the old, tired career establishment insider politician, Senator Charles Walker Brumskine. The comparison of Trump to Brumskine not even close. And that is my take.

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator,
Washington, DC, USA