Liberia: Weah Administration Laying Groundwork for Electoral Fraud


Elections are not stolen on the day of voting. The steal happens long before or after. The Weah administration is setting the grounds for electoral fraud, through “legal ways.”

By Abdulaye Dukule, [email protected], Contributing Writer

The advisers of Weah were the same ones who advised Samuel K Doe and Charles G Taylor. “They are mischievous“”

We know where they led Doe, Taylor and the nation.

They are at it again.

The Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) indicted three senior government officials, including the Chair of the Elections Commission, the Minister of Agriculture and a member of the same LACC. Rather than fire the culprits, Weah decides to reorganize the LACC and force out its leadership.

This past week, the Senate passed a bill to re-organize the Elections Commission. The new law will require that all electoral magistrates throughout the country resign to reapply. Why just the magistrates and not the entire commission? This commission, led by a member of the ruling party, under indictment for stealing – cleared through technicalities- will be the one to recruit the magistrates.

Meanwhile, President Dr. Dr. (Rev.) George M Weah is in his church preaching. The Sunday after his ministers were indicted. There was no talk about politics. Pastor Weah in all white Mandingo gown was not quoting the scriptures, the sermon was about the hands of “invisible angels” that lifted him up every time people thought he was down. The flock responded with Amen Amen.

Sunday sermon was centered on his football biography. How he beat the odds. How every defeat turned to be victories. I thought about my other former President, Trump. So much self love!

We often talk about the resilience of the Liberian people. I would rather say “submissive.” Too many layers of trauma. Just as William R Tolbert started the slow healing process after 100 years of brutal rule, the military came in and started a reign of terror. Followed by a savage war. Fear and survival set in. Low self esteem developed. Expectations got lowered. Just being alive became a luxury.

Intergenerational trauma exists in societies that lived under occupation and force. From fighting for democracy in the 1970s, to opposing military rule and trying to survive during the wars, the society has continually lived in survival mode. Easily bought.

Those who advised the two most cruel leaders of our time – and survived them – are back to where they left it of. This is their last gig and they are going all out.

The Liberian political class welcome the sanctions filled the media. Opposition leaders  issued strong worded statements the move and called on the president to fire those sanctioned. But it will take more than press releases to make sure that Weah listen to them.