Liberia: The UP Under EJS & JNB is Proud of Its Record – Memo to Henry P. Costa


I incidentally came across your live podcast last night while browsing through social media and thought to dedicate few minutes to listen to the justification for your outrage against unity party’s standard bearer emeritus and the decision by JNB and the Party leadership to invite her at the HQ for consultation. 

By Amos Tweh, Contributing Writer

Mr talk-show host and ALP partisan, we are in a collaboration, you deliberately elect to vilify, insult and throw stupid allegations at a former leader of a constituent party. You adore people who served the entire 12 years of her stewardship of the nation but yet scorn her. Many individuals in the top leadership of the four collaborating parties have directly and indirectly served Ellen. Many of them across these parties in the collaboration physically and financially supported Weah in 2017. You believe that the UP’s step to realign and reconcile with Ellen and other former leaders will likely reduce your perceived influence in the collaboration. You have publicly regretted your infantile onslaught against JNB before the 2017 elections; and later during the runoff, you declared support for him.

Whether that support culminated into political capital, after years of calling him names, is something for another day. Since your repentance and support, you continue to call him a good man, a man of wisdom. Like the ALP standard-bearer, you have publicly expressed that he can make a better leader because of his character, wisdom, humble background, and record of service to the state. 

After a painstaking postmortem and following the court’s ruling that the action of the Party to have expelled EJS and others was illegal, JNB and the Party’s leadership consciously took a decision to initiate reconciliation with Ellen and other stalwarts. In addition, the Party, under JNB’s watch, is being rebranded while working with other constituent members of the CPP to develop a viable ticket for 2020 special senatorial and 2023 general and presidential elections. This process is designed to lead us into a merger and ultimately consolidate democracy while strengthening the nation’s political system.

The Unity Party under EJS and JNB is proud of its record and achievements for 12 years. The Party has consistently acknowledged the challenges encountered, which inhibited the finalization and attainment of a few critical flagship programs. As a Party, our achievements and successes over the years was a result of the quality of leadership provided by EJS and JNB. To discount her roles in Liberia’s postwar reconstruction process while only recognizing achievements in vital areas is clearly hypocritical and shows a rueful pattern of narcissistic attitude. 

Costa, it is an established fact that your outrage against Mrs. Sirleaf is very personal. Your mention of her decision to pursue legal action against you for some label and her government’s action to press charges using the law points to a man on a mission to revenge at all costs. Ellen used the law, whether in America or elsewhere to seek redress to her grievances. You have intimated that many times. If you are very convinced that she needs to answer your grievances, (if any) we urge you to use the law. 
It is absurd to continue to use your platform to attack her character especially during occasions organized by the UP where she is invited as a former leader. 

Also, it is naive to dictate how the Unity Party conducts her internal processes. The chapter on 2017 has since closed. We are not looking back.

It is absolutely nonsensical to think that we in the UP are dummy. Why we respect your inalienable rights to freedom of expression, we will not tolerate your brazen and persistent act of sabotage and flagrant disrespect to the UP and standard-bearer emeritus. 

We do not support your insults and attacks on her person as a party. Ellen remains a great leader with indelible imprints. She has faltered occasionally on some policy matters and she publicly acknowledged.

 As a party, we did not shy away from disagreeing with her. Many of you will recall that we publicly expressed our dissenting views on certain policy decisions. However, we are proud of her records and will continue to consult her as and when necessary.

Comparatively, Ellen’s and JNB’s public service record outshine nearly all Presidents combined. 

It is sheer arrogance and miscalculation of events to assume that your outrage and threats to pull out of the CPP should UP continue to consult with Ellen, will make us to heed. We can see right through your next step but this will be for another time. 
What we see simmering is a sad replay of the occurrences of 2017. We will not sit and allow depraved minds and fake news outlets to detract from our achievements. This process was well-thought-out and we are ready to work with constituent parties to achieve the objectives of the collaboration. Henceforth, We will not tolerate any insults and gross disrespect to our former and current leaders by anyone. 

To be continued…