Center for Conflict Prevention Condemns Creeping Violence in Liberia


MONROVIA – The Center for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding (CECPAP) has strongly denounced the act of violence slowly creeping the Liberian society. The Center said the trend of violence permeating the Liberian society has the propensity to derail the peace and stability currently being enjoyed in the country and further prolong the anguish and suffering of Liberians. 

According to a press release issued in Monrovia, CECPAP called on Liberians to resist violence in all forms when dealing with issues that confront their wellbeing. The Center stressed the need for Liberians to maintain the current wave of peace in the country by becoming protectors of the peaceful atmosphere that exist in their communities.

CECPAP’s release comes against the backdrop of Sunday’s act of violence that occurred on the Oldroad residence of Montsarrado County District 10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah. It is alleged that score of children were attending a Christmas party hosted by Representative Kolubah when some elements of the community decided to engage in stone throwing in an attempt to disrupt the Representative’s Christmas party intended for the children. Some children got wounded in the process and are seeking treatment at nearby hospitals and clinics, according to the report.

CECPAP described the Oldroad incident as an act of savagery and hastened to register its condemnation in the strongest term, adding that the act of ferociousness should be discouraged in the Liberian society.

CECPAP said it welcomes reports emanating from the Liberia National Police (LNP) that the matter is under investigation and furthered admonished the law enforcement officers to leave no stone unturned in making sure the perpetrators of Sunday’s stone throwing attack on the residence of Representative Kolubah are arrested and brought to justice.

The Center said, based on information obtained, those who engaged in the stone throwing attack against Representative Kolubah and the kids hold dissenting views and opinions on the Representative’s conduct in office.

The peace advocacy group said while it encourages Liberians from all walks of life to be proactive in the governing system of their country by voicing out issues that affect their wellbeing, trekking the path of violence to signal any form of dislike on national issues is reprehensible and furthered throwback the substantial gains made by Liberia’s international partners to make the country a peaceful place among the comity of nations.

Meanwhile, the Center Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding is calling on the CDC led government to put in place mechanism that will ensure the safety and protection of all Liberians including members of opposition political parties. CECPAP said the safety and security of Liberians were paramount to Liberia’s quest for national healing and reconciliation and that government’s efforts in this regard can never be over emphasized.