An insight into the Coordinated Effort by Crooked Politicians to Destroy Alexander B. Cummings; We Saw This Coming Years Ago


Fellow Liberians, we are bearing witness to a carefully coordinated effort by questionable characters within our political dispensation to impugn the character of Mr. Alexander B Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC). While this behavior is prevalent within our body politics, we cannot all sit idle and allow this to be the norm.

Our nation has lost many reputable citizens because the most corrupt and immoral elements usually carry on these kinds of smear campaigns to silence our best and brightest. If Liberia must move forward, we need to erect a barricade to prevent these individuals from contaminating the rest of the population.

The allegation that Mr. Cummings tempered with the framework document without introducing any new information that benefits him or the ANC is like telling us that a man violently robbed a bank and successfully escaped without stealing single cash from the vault.

It is incomprehensible to believe that anyone in their right state of mind will go through extreme lengths to modify a document without inserting new information that gives them a competitive advantage over their peers.

What could have been the motivation behind the alleged tampering with the framework document?

From every indication, this appears to be a well-coordinated attack to besmirch the good name of Mr. Cummings, who until now remains the most authentic member of the CPP. Despite the increased rant by some elements within the CPP about fraud, we are yet to be presented with hard evidence of malicious intent by Mr. Cummings or the ANC to hijack the CPP nomination process. The only new information we have received is the kitchen sink thrown at Mr. Cummings to see which one would stick.

The three Amigos, ALP, UP, and part of the LP, want us to believe that the attack on Cummings is in the spirit of democracy, but their principal motive has been uncovered. This is an attempt to destroy the candidacy of Mr. Cummings, the only member of the CPP that is considered “Mr. Clean Hands” because of the leverage he has by having no history of corruption, attachment to civil war, and living off government job.

Even though the three Amigos seem to be pointing their fingers at Cummings for tempering with the framework document, at what point do we hold them accountable as well for what transpired. If there is any shred of evidence in their allegation, they too bear the most significant responsibility for what occurred. The way they handled the processing of the framework document was very irresponsible.

The fact that these presidential hopefuls are now coming up with this revelation one year after the documents in question were submitted to NEC and used to field candidates who were elected into office says a lot about their leadership rather than exposed fraud. They betray the confidence of their constituent who relies on their best judgment to deliver a better Liberia.

How can we entrust the three Amigos with state power when they cannot verify a simple 25 pages framework document? It is easy to blame Cummings and use him as a scapegoat, but the real problem is poor leadership from those accusing Mr. Cummings of fraud. They had every right to conduct due diligence along with their lawyers before moving forward with the collaboration.

There is an American adage which states that the devil is in the details. Let’s look at the facts surrounding incidents leading up to the allegations against Mr. Cummings, and it might give us a better insight into the real motive behind this unrest.

Al Hussein Youjay Fadiga
Aka Prophet TRUTH