Amb. George Manneh Saykozie Weah, Best Man to Lead New Liberia


A child from humble beginning who rose from rag to stardom in the soccer world; flagging the nation flag around the world with commitment, patriotism and nationalism. Amb. George M. Weah’s  story is characterized by trials, tribulations and godly interventions and  has continue to serve as a source of inspirations for many Liberians who collectively have a common history of shared poverty, deprivation, and untold hardship. Born in Clara Town, a slum of Monrovia and raised by his paternal grandmother Mrs. Emma Klonjlaleh Brown.

Amb. Weah is consider today as one of the greatest African Players of all time and one of the best forwards of his generation all through high work and discipline. Amb. Weah is the only African who has won the world best, European best award and the only African inducted into the football house of Fame located in Pachucca, Mexico.

Amb. Weah over the years have brought a new dynamic to the political landscape of Liberia and has maintained his independence and has proven to be a respecter of the rule of law. A morally upright Weah is happily married to Mrs. Clar Duncan Weah for over 23 years with children. Weah prior to his departure to Cameroun for his football adventure, he worked as a switchboard technician for the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation. Amb. Weah is regarded today as the only purest political figure that has no association with any warring factions that ruined the country for 14 years.

He is the hope for the hopeless, voice for the voiceless, father for the fatherless and is poise to winning the presidency come 2017. This humble character story is something he considers can be narrated by many who are suffering because his story is no different from the story of the ordinary citizens.

Liberia needs a George M. Weah as President

As a humanitarian and philanthropist

Amb. Weah is a devoted humanitarian, won the Arthur Ashe courage awards in 2004 at the Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles for his numerous humanitarian services to Liberia and the rest of the world. Amb. Weah became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador on 7 April 1997 based upon his tireless support to children around the world and his consistent assistance to refugees’ especially Liberian refugees around Africa.  

Amb. Weah used football as a way to bring happiness and promote education for children in Liberia. In 1998,  Amb. Weah launched a CD called Lively Up Africa featuring the singer Frisbie Omo Isibor and eight other African football stars. The proceeds from this CD went to children’s programmes in the countries of origin of the athletes involved.

In 2014 he launched a single title “Mama Africa”, after his country was hit by the deadly Ebola virus disease featuring the popular Ghanian Musician Sydney and proceeds of went to Ebola victims in Liberia. Due to his passion for education,  Amb. Weah has supported many young people to persuade formal education ranging from elementary, high schools and universities. Based on his commitment to promoting education; he is consider as a higher provider of individuals scholarship ever in the republic.

Amb. George M. Weah knows all about the needs of children in difficult circumstances. He grew up in Liberia’s impoverished capital, Monrovia, where he first learned to play soccer with home-made rag balls. Amb. Weah’s longstanding commitment to humanitarian activities, especially in Africa, has earned him the admiration of many including the great son of Africa the late Nelson Mandela who referred to him as ‘African Pride’.

This is a statement reads from Unicef website in testimony of this selfless patriot humanitarian service;

“UNICEF has benefited from Weah’s involvement since 1994, when he helped publicize immunization campaigns in Liberia. Since his appointment as a Goodwill Ambassador, Weah’s efforts on behalf of UNICEF have included vital support for HIV/AIDS education programmes and other projects in Ghana and Liberia. For instance, in June 1997 while in Liberia to coach the national team, he promoted vocational training schools where former child soldiers and other war-affected youth can learn new skills. He played in a football match between teams of former child soldiers. He also visited a health clinic, one of more than 50 primary healthcare facilities that have been revitalized by UNICEF”.

Ambassador George Weah led his fellow Liberians through the streets of the capital, Monrovia, to raise awareness about the plight of the country’s children after 15 years of civil war and helped create awareness about HIV/AIDS, disarmament of child soldiers and their reintegration into society, and getting them back in school. .Amb. Weah spent an estimated $2 million of his own money on travel, equipment and salary expenses for the national team, the Lone Stars. Serving as player-manager, he led the Lone Stars on an impressive run through the 2002 World Cup qualifying rounds, but the team fell just short of invitation to soccer’s ultimate tournament. His passion for the well being of women and children is unprecedented.

 What a humanitarian you are Amb. Weah!

 Amb. Weah up to date as a politician still provide many scholarship; a scholarship now under the nomenclature “George Weah Scholarship Foundation” which continue to educate many less fortunate kids from primary schools, high schools and Universities around the country.  With all the aforesaid, I am of the strong cocksureness that when this patriot is giving the presidency, he will continue to prioritize education and will invest a lot in uplifting our already messy education system through partnership with stakeholders in the education sector and invest in teachers training; and provide better incentives for classroom teachers.

Amb. George M. Weah is the best man for Liberia.

As a leader and servant

This patriotic and selfless leader has demonstrated a high degree of leadership ranging from his days on the football pitch to his present leadership as a Senator and political leader of the biggest opposition political party the mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC). Amb. Weah as a leader on the pitch, he was very persuasive and obedient in dealing with issues as it arises. He successfully provided a leadership role in guiding his colleagues at the national team as leader and helped promote unity among his teammates. As a captain and leader of the Liberia national team, Lonestar; he flourishingly led the national team to the Nation cup and brought many victories to the national team.

Amb. Weah after his successful footballing career, where he achieved almost every individual honor a footballer can achieve decided to join politics with the founding of the Congress for Democratic Change to contest as President during the 2005 Presidential and legislative elections.  Amb. Weah has ably and effectively led the mighty congress for Democratic Change for 11 unbroken years as Liberia’s most vibrant and biggest political party with the higher followings. After the 2005 elections which the Congress for Democratic Change contested the results claiming irregularities resulting to foul play but Amb. Weah been a patriot decided to place his country above his self-worth and accepted the results for the sake of peace.

This national icon been very patriotic and peaceful, he accepted to be a peace Ambassador predicated upon his unflinching support to promoting and maintaining peace in Liberia. As peace Ambassador of Liberia, he successfully initiated many peace talks eg, a reconciliation round table discussion with prominent sons and daughters of Nimba and Grand Gedeh respectively; held at the RLJ Resort. He successfully resolved many conflicts and tensions ranging from former AFL soldiers have threaten a bitter Christmas if their just retire benefits were not settle by the government and he helps promote reconciliation by organizing a peace and reconciliation match with invited players like former African Footballer of the year Samuel Eto’o, Roger Miller and others.

Amb. Weah served as President of the Junior Professionals, a football team he founded in Monrovia in 1994. The team is now defunct.  As a way to encourage young people to remain in school, the club’s only requirement for membership is school attendance. Many of the young people, recruited from all over Liberia, have gone on to play for the Liberian national team.

Currently as a Senator of Montserrado County, he continue to excellently chair the senate committee on youth and sports, serve as member of the following committee,

Member Senate National Defense , Intelligence , Security and Veteran Affairs Committee
Member Gender, Health, Social Welfare, Women and Children Affairs Committee
Member Senate Committee on Land, Mines, Energy and Natural Resources
Member Senate Committee on Transport

This noble statesman is also the Chairman of the Montserrado County Caucus; the position he stay holds after he was unanimously elected by lawmakers of Montserrado county. He is also one of the Senate representatives to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament.

For the short time as Senator at the capitol; he has succeeded in creating a friendly working environment with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and athletic Presidents. Spoke on critical national issues like the increment in the cost of Passport , the re-opening of schools and his disappointment into what he term as the speedy passage of the budget of FY 2015/2016 stating that the process not transparent and it prevented Senators that were not on the Budget Committee from comprehensively debating the final draft before it was passed.   Been very concern with issue of  UNMIL draw down and the national security implication ,Senator Weah wrote a communication recommending the addition of following issues to the  Immigration bill and Police bill;

Required random drug testing for all serving officers,
Community background checks that are completed before officers are enlisted,
A pledge that officers uphold the highest standard of integrity and be guided by a strict Police Law Enforcement
Personal accountability to the communities in which they serve
Community involvement in the delivery of service

In his conclusion he urged the Chairman (Hon. Stephen Zargo) that both bills are adequately deliberated upon so that the degree power, control and authority given to the police and immigration officers do not obstruct law-abiding citizens. (Hon. George M. Weah Annual Report 2105). Senator Weah is also the head of the legislative delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament and has continued to ably represent the senate in the Federal Republic of Nigeria along with his collegues.


Fellow countrymen and women, we have come a long way with each of us having to challenge with very individual experiences; some of which do not amount to the least of conciliating under the garment of yenta and have the proclivity to engender varying responses as per the performance of our current political construct.

However, we will have to accept the wreckage of reality that maintaining the current peace, stability  the nation currently enjoys remain a major determinants of the kind of leadership that will emerge beyond 2017. Producing a leadership that will bring hope to the already dejected population will have to be a priority decision for all well-meaning Liberians. To say that we will need a matured, honest, experienced, focused and committed leadership is no sarcasm but a stated reality that a selfless patriot likes Amb. Weah is needed as President.

The Country needs a fearless and immaculate reconciler—someone who represents the dreams and aspiration of the people. I mean someone whose origin and life reflects the story of the historically marginalized and impoverished class. It is a glaring fact that Liberians want visionary with vision coupled with the political will to implement said vision. We need a new narrative with a paradigm shift because we aspire for a better Liberia not a worst Liberia that we have witnessed for the past eleven 11 years of misrule.   

I remain an unapologetic fanatic of Amb. George M. Weah.  He is a selfless patriot who has always placed his country above all egos. He has been tested and has proven beyond imagination that he is prepared to lead a new Liberia with hope and aspiration.

Comrades, here we are as a country and people crying for a better leader, a leader that can lead the new dispensation in building our country security sectors, promoting quality education, building a decent and affordable healthcare delivery system and investing in agriculture. For the past ten years of misrule by Ellen-Boakai,Liberia faces serious economic, political, social and national security problems.

While it is true these problems did not start doing the reign of the current Sirleaf-Boakai Unity Party’s administration, however; the Unity Party’s Oligarchy-Plutocracy has multiplied our nation’s calamities a hundred-fold in ways never experienced before since our country feign independence in 1847.

Among the economic issues that would definitely arise in governing our nation post the 2017 era are private sector job creation, the lack of employment, sectoral reforms, and the delivery of effective public service in addition to the disintegration of social institutions and the rule of law. These are issues we will be confronted with post 2017; and we need a leader that can amicably and rapidly address these issues with clear alternative in restoring the hope of our population.

Indeed Amb. Senator George Manneh Sayekozie Weah is the right man at this time to lead a new Liberia.

Mohammed M. Bamba, Jr.,
[email protected]