A rejoinder to FrontPage Africa’s recent Article entitled: “Liberia: Woewiyou’s Family Worried over Delayed Sentencing by Federal Court”


Karma’, in Hinduism and Buddhism is “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.” According to the theory of Karma, “what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions.” You will see in this rejoinder that karma has caught up with Hassan Bility and some of his comrades in the profitable so-called human rights advocacy industry.

As the devasting conflict in our country subsided, Bility pursued and established a niche in the profitable international human rights-advocacy business using his confrontational situation with formal President Charles Taylor. Hassan Bility has fast become a very wealthy man from the business of recruiting false witnesses against his fellow Liberians for the consumption of the international so-called human rights advocacy business. From what we have been able to gather, Bility is now the proud owner of a luxurious home in Southern New Jersey, United States of America.

   In the article, which is the subject of this rejoinder, Hassan Bility made several condescending statements and accuses a Federal Judge of conspiracy.  The article says, Woewiyou’s Family Worried over Delayed Sentencing by Federal Court.”  In addition to the writer misspelling Mr. Woewiyu’s name, the statement is maliciously false. No one in Mr. Woewiyu’s family is weary because the Federal Court is, according to the Prosecutor, Mr. L. C. Wright, “doing its due diligence.”

It is flabbergasting and disingenuous for Hassan Bility, a fellow ULIMO and fellow Mandingo man who recruited, trained, and brought witnesses to the United States to testify against Jabbateh for supposedly committing cannibalism, rape and murder to be the one concerned about the man he put in jail for 30 years.

I say disingenuous because Hassan Bility knows that as standard constitutional practice, Mohammed Jabbateh was brought before the Magisterial Court and given the same bill hearing that was given to Mr. Woewiyu. In fact, the Prosecutor in Jabbateh case was the same as in the Woewiyu case, Prosecutor L. C. Wright. 

The records show that Jabbateh’s lawyers asked the Court for parity of treatment as it relates to bail with Woewiyu. The records also shows that Prosecutor Wright vehemently resisted any bail for Jabbateh because, according to him Jabbateh was accused of cannibalism, rape and hideous crimes. The Prosecutor also spread it on the records that the Woewiyu case was different in nature.  

According to Prosecutor Wright, “Woewiyu was not accused of committing any crime himself but that he was a political leader, a Minister of Defense, to be exact, who was being held responsible for what people under his authority did.” Mr. Wright went on to compare Mr. Woewiyu’s position in Liberia to the equivalence of the Secretary of Defense of the United States such as Donald Rumsfeld, he told the bail hearing Magistrate.  

Furthermore, In the Prosecutor’s Sentencing Memorandum, (as published by Civila Maxima) the United States Prosecutors write,  “ to be clear, the government is not asking the Court to sentence Woewiyu to thirty years imprisonment for being a war criminal , but because his lies were the most egregious violations of the offenses of conviction conceivable.” What is it you do not understand Hassan Bility? 

In the beginning of my statement, I spoke of the theory of “Karma”, the phenomenon of life which forces a man to inevitably confront his past.  It is Karma which is causing you to disingenuously present yourself as caring about Mohammed Jabbateh and  his family when in fact, it was you who got him to where he is by   fabricating some of  those  hideous stories about his activities during the Liberian Civil war. Was it also not you, Hassen Bility, the great human advocate who recruited and trained the gang of false witnesses whose dramatic performances in the United States Court landed Jabbateh in jail for 30 years?  Did you advocate for Jabbateh’s right to also produced witnesses of his real peers from Liberia to testify on his behalf? Of course not. Your so-called human right advocacy is a one-sided false witness recruiting agency. 

In   your publication, you talked about the “heartbreaking” state of the Jabbateh family. It is truly unconscionable for someone like you who have maliciously and without due process, put their family man in jail for life and made yourself a very rich man to suddenly become their spokesman .Only Karma will make a man put his own foot in his mouth as you are doing. Not what happening in the Woewiyu case in which due process is in progress despite the conspiracy between you and his prosecutors to lynch him as you Hassan Bility has done to Mohammed Jabbateh.

In the effort to find lasting peace in our country, we Liberians choose a process called the “Truth and Reconciliation” to investigate and amicably resolve the effect of our tumultuous history including a series of civil conflicts between 1978 and 2003. The Government of the Republic of Liberia set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to conduct this tedious task.  The TRC proceeding brought together victims and perpetrators to confront each other and reconcile so that bygone would be bygone. (a conflict resolution process Liberian President Weah has referred as a “PALA HUT” method). Over the three-year span of the TRC work, it took more than 20 thousand statements. Some victims and penetrators met and reconciled.

The TRC was very comprehensive in its investigation of the Liberian conflict over the years. The TRC recommended prosecution for certain number of people who committed crimes before and during the Liberian civil wars.   These crimes included: murder, rape, human rights violations and crimes against crime against humanity. It was and still is the responsibility the Liberian Government to set up the appropriate legal forums, such as courts and or Palava Huts for the final implementation of the TRC Report. Even though neither Mr. Woewiyu nor people like Agnes Taylor  was accused by a victims or the TRC for committing any of the prosecutorial crimes, your so-called human rights advocacy has found a niche in the big profit human rights advocacy industries by establishing a network to  create and train false witnesses to support the erroneous prosecution of your fellow Liberians abroad without due process as far as their rights as Liberians are concerned.

Instead of advocating for the implementation of the TRC report, which is not an option, but is a mandate, you and your cohorts in the fake-for-profit so-called human rights advocacy, including the American Prosecutors are demanding the establishment of a War Crime Court in Liberia. The recent  publicized round table conference held by you and your cohorts  including the American Prosecutors in San Francisco, California for the establishment of a War Crime Court in Liberia is a glaring example of your determination to create a profitable forum for you to benefit from the pains of the Liberian people.

 Hassan Bility, the supposedly, famed human rights advocator of Liberia who speaks of justice for the victims of  Liberian war crimes and crime  against humanity, yet his advocacies   have been exclusively focused on getting paid by foreign prosecutors by  recruiting and training false witnesses to support their flawed prosecution in an  attempt to cover up  their own contributions to the Liberian anguish with selective justice in the name of universal jurisdiction. Here are some questions for you Hassan Bility and your fake human rights Human Rights Advocacies:  

A key aspect of the TRC Mandates call for the investigation of state players’ contribution to the Liberian Saga. During the TRC hearings, the question was put to former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Herman Cohen by one of the TRC Commissioners: Mr. Secretary, will America pay reparation to the victims of the Liberian conflict starting from  the Doe Regime to all the civil conflicts in which America had an enabling hand? Secretary Cohen answer was and still is, “Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso owes Liberia reparation not America. At least, the former US Government Official admits that some country or countries owe the victims of the Liberian conflict a reparation…. Mr. Bility wouldn’t that also be a worthwhile human rights advocacy for justice as you claim to be pursing? At the “Round Table Conferences” about war crime court in Liberia that you and your prosecutors are holding in places like America, are you talking about reparation to the victims by the state actors? 

On April 12, 1980 Doe assassinated President William Tolbert and slaughtered 29 other Liberians in the Mansion that night. Ten Days later, Doe took 13 Government Officials, mostly Ministers to the beach and executed them with a firing squad without any due process. A few months later, United States President Ronald Reagan received General Doe at the White House and rewarded him with a five-hundred-million-dollar grant, apparently for a job well done to the pleasure of the United States. As we know now, most of the grant was given in military equipment and supplies which gave the Doe military dictatorship the enabling impetus.

With the American 500-million-dollar grant of approval, General Doe returned to Liberia and immediately commenced expanding his ruthless dictatorship starting with the purging of his fellow coup makers from the junta by summary executions. He continued with the 1983 Nimba Raid; followed by the killing of thousands of Mano and Gio people including innocent civilians by the Doe regime as stated by Mr. Linwood Wright in the Woewiyu indictment.    On August 22, 1984, Doe ordered his soldiers to raid the campus of the University of Liberia. More than 75 students were killed and buried in mass grave.  July 29, 1990 Doe sent his soldiers to the Lutheran Church compound in Monrovia and killed 600 displaced civilians. Even though Doe is dead, some of his henchmen who carried out these atrocities living well in America today.

Hassan Bility, if you are truly seeking justice and reparation for the victims of the Liberian conflicts (1979- 2003), you should also ask the greatest originator and enabler of the Liberian conflicts, the United States of America. Remember the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran say one should not bear false witness against his fellow man. Stop all this fake human rights business of lies and deceit.