Liberia: Tribute to Rev. Betty Jubu Bargblor Gaye


Rev. Betty Jubu Glay-Nyonnon Gaye was born on June 1, 1932, in Bargblor Town, Gborho Chiefdom, Grand Gedeh County, Republic of Liberia, unto the blessed union of Paramount Chief Willie Bargblor and Mrs. Mary Bargblor (both deceased).

By Jonathan Gaychuway, Contributing Writer

She started her primary school in 1942 in Toe Town, under the tutelage of her uncle, the famous educator, the late Benjamin Collins.

In 1945, she and her older brother, Francis Barwood Bargblor, were awarded scholarships by the President of Liberia, the late William V. S. Tubman to continue their schooling in Cape Palmas.

When relationship between the then Paramount Chief Willie Bargblor and the Liberian Government deteriorated during the Tubman Administration in the 1950s, to an unreconcilable level, he left Liberia and went into self-imposed exile to the neighboring Ivory Coast with most of his family members. Young Betty had no choice but to drop from school and go with her father, thus, bringing to an end her quest for an education at that time.

Upon her return to her homeland in 1965, she met and married her late husband, Johnny Gaye. That union is regarded by many as a match made in Heaven. Her late husband, Johnny Gaye, who was a staunch member of the then Liberia Assemblies of Liberia, now Assemblies of God, Liberia, introduced her to the Church after they met. Johnny was a gifted singer and he introduced and tutored his wife in becoming the most renowned inspirational Krahn Gospel singer.

Besides introducing her to singing, Johnny Gaye, who was an ordained minister of the Liberia Assemblies of God and a chaplain in the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), also taught his wife the Bible and how to preach. It did not take long for the student to become master of the game. And by the mid-1970s, Betty Gaye has become a singer and a preacher within her own right.

In 1981, she enrolled at the Assemblies of God Bible Institute in Tchien District (LAG), Zwedru, Grand Gedeh and graduated in 1986 with a diploma in theological studies.

In 1984, while at the Bible school, she accompanied her spiritual father and mentor, the late Rev. Seo Nyanhay, known as Seo Yah, for medical treatment in Monrovia. It was during this trip; she was inspired by God to start a church in which the Krahn people can worship in Monrovia.

As evidence that it was truly God that led her on this quest, the Fellowship that she started in the living room of Colonel Washington W. Garley in October 1984, now the Good News Assembly of God, formerly, 24th Street Assembly of God Church in Sinkor, Monrovia.

Besides being a preacher, she was also an evangelist and church planter. In addition to the 24th Street/Good News Assembly of God, Rev. Betty Gaye also planted churches in Zai Town, Bargblor Town, Poker Town, Blohoun Town, Ploo, Gboe and other parts of Liberia and the Ivory Coast.

She is preceded in death by her loving husband, Rev. Captain Johnny G. D. Gaye.

Her parents: Paramount Chief Willie Bargblor and Mary Tojallah Bargblor.

Siblings: Zai Bargblor, Moses Bargblor (Tababu), David Bargblor (Zinneh), Francis Bargblor (Barwood), Yeay, Alfred Bargblor (Sofeheer), Glohn Bargblor, Mary Bargblor Sarpee, Ghanhoun Susie Bargblor, Gaye Fatu, Esther Bargblor Flomo, and Nyononplu Bargblor.

Nephews and nieces: Joseph Bargblor, Godfrey Bargblor, Theresa Bargblor, Sarah Bargblor

Granddaughter: Desiree Deh

Rev. Gaye is survived by her eight children: Aurel, Eugenie, Rebecca, Johnny, Agnes, Deborah, Naomi, and Moise (aka Answer).

Five siblings: Beatrice, Oretha, Jessy, Sonplehii Rigobert, and Patricia.

Twenty Grand Children: Nezi Deh Hougette, Dayan Tarlue, Shirley Jolo, Enoch Affa, Mariam Affa, Abraham Affa, Kwee Wright, Masoe Wright, Jonathan Dopa Gayechuway, Christine Jubu Betty Gayechuway, Daniel Gayechuway, Desiree Nynonwhein Gayechuway, Jethro Anderson, Jenice Anderson, ShadraK Affa, Naomie Affa, Anne Betty Affa, Pinky Ziah, and Georgie Darbie. And Fourteen Great grandchildren

Nephew and nieces: Edmund Zar-Zar Bargblor,  Euroger Bargblor, Alphanso Bargblor, Maniva Bargblor Dennis, Harrison Bargblor, Richard Bargblor, Ruth Bargblor, Rebecca Bargblor, Rachel Dickins, Francess Bargblor, Thomas Browne, Wehnee Browne Barlee, Dekontee Browne Gaye, Ciday Bargblor, Lincoln Bargblor, Eric Bargblor, Serena Bargblor, Ophelia Cheayee, Preston Bargblor, Masoe Bargblor, Poryea Bargblor, Woloe Bargblor. 

Because of her love of God and her commitment to His kingdom, Rev. Gaye formed a special bond and friendship with people that she worked with along the years in the Lord’s vineyard. Some of her close friends and colleagues include: Rev. Seo Yah, Rev. Robert Mesleh, Rev. Jimmy K. Dugbeh, Rev. Agnes Davis, Mother Emily Brown, Rev. Thomas P. Weesay, Rev. Samuel Bailey, the Broughton family, the Tisher family, Mother Mary Grant, Mother Beatrice Zeon, Mother Martha Gbowea, Mother Esther Kehmea, Mother Esther Gborho, Mother Mary Garty, Mother Sarah Gbaryea, Mother Lucy Droh, Mother Esther Dennis, Ma Sarah Robert, Mother Mary Kloah, Rev. John Worjolo, Rev. William Jolo, Rev. Solomon Twee, Rev. John Farley, Rev. Blakie Godu, Rev. Wilson Koso, Rev. Samuel Toe, Rev. Sammy Browne, Ma Jessie Browne, Rev. Jeremiah Jardo, Pastor Thomas Glaywulu, Mother Cecelia Collins, Rev. Paul Myers, Pastor Annie Glayyea, Pastor James Goe, Rev. Alex Saydee, Pastor Theresa Sayde Pastor George Zeon, Rev. Moses Taye, Rev. Geaorge Wright, Rev. Harry Dehlay, Rev. David Tally, Rev. Clement S. Tally, Rev. Henry Sohn, Pastors Robert and Nancy Barclay, Mother Betty Freeman, Mother Annie Vonty, Mary Sohn, and the list goes on. 

With the exception of Rev. Mesleh, Rev. Moses Taye, and a few others, most of the people just listed above have gone home to rest with the Lord. We can say with all certainty that Rev. Betty Gaye has received one of the most tremendous welcomes as she entered Heaven.

In addition to the close bond and friendship she established with those with whom she worked, she also inspired, lead, and trained several ministers of the gospel to continue her ministries. She was an apostle of LOVE. Amongst Mother Gaye’s spiritual children—Timothies are: Rev & Rev Mother Emmanuel K Zabay, Sr Rev Rebecca Queartis, Rev Monjou Wondee, Rev Edith Gomo, Rev Apostle Gibson Myers, Rev Marue W Sirleaf, II, Rev Rebecca Myers, the late Rufus Dowayee, the late Sobue Blablii, et al.

Rev. Betty Gaye dedicated her life to the service of God and her fellow men. Every man was a brother and every woman, her sister. Her house and her arms were opened to everyone. She was an embodiment of what a Christian should be.

She loved God with all her heart, with all her mind, and with all her soul. And she loved her fellow man just as she loved herself; if not more.