Liberia: Executive Protection Agent Reportedly Shoots Himself in the Head


MONROVIA – Melvin Alex Early, an agent of the elite Executive Protection Service (EPS) responsible for the protection of the President of Liberia and all VIPS, on Friday morning reportedly shot himself three times in the head in Tappita, Nimba County while on duty on the President’s county tour.

The incident reportedly occurred in front of the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital at about 6:30 am.

A source from the EPS said Mr. Earley began informing some of his colleagues that: “I am just here in Zwedru, but I am not to myself”.

The source said, the deceased had received some disturbing news about his wife while on duty.

His colleagues, according to report, upon hearing that he was not too okay took the raffle assigned to him from him but forgot to take away his pistol which he reportedly used to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, the Executive Protection Service (EPS) said it regrets the sudden death of one of its agent.

The EPS has launched a full-scale investigation to establish any potential reason of the suicide.

Agent Earley has been with EPS since the restructuring of the service after the Liberian Civil crisis.

Meanwhile, the hierarchy of the EPS has extended heartfelt condolences to his family.