Liberia: Catholics Mourn Death of Newly Appointed Apostolic Administrator of Archdiocese of Monrovia


Monrovia- Catholics in Liberia are mourning the death of the newly appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Monrovia, the Reverend Fr. Charles E. Boyce.

The death news of Rev. Fr. Boyce broke in the afternoon hours of Sunday, September 19, when parishioners had just completed daily worship service. It followed a period of illness approximately two months plus after his appointment to said position.

Sources close to the Archdiocese of Monrovia said Fr. Boyce got sick one month after his appointment and had been battling cancer.

He was reportedly flown to Ghana for medical attention, but his situation remained critical up to his death.

Before his death Fr. Boyce served the Catholic Church for several years as Parish Priest for various churches to include St! Mary Catholic Church in Duala, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on the Pipeline Road, and Administrator of the St. Charles Luwanga Pre-Major Seminary, then Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Monrovia, before being appointed as Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Monrovia.

His appointment as Apostolic Administrator comes after the Vatican accepted the resignation of Arch Bishop Lewis Jerome Zeigler.

The announcement was contained in a communication issued by the Vatican Embassy near Monrovia.

Father Boyce is remembered for being a principled-minded individual who spoke against ills in society and discrimination among members of the Catholic faith congregation, up to his death.