Yana Boys Association of Liberia Frowns on June 7 Protest


Monrovia – Streets Peddlers in Liberia under the banner “Yana Boys Association of Liberia,” have frowned on the plan June 7 Protest and are warning members against participating in the demonstration.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah, [email protected]

In a press conference held in Monrovia Monday, the Yana boys through their President Prince Kollie expressed fear that the pending June 7 protest might likely create troubles for Liberia and plunge Liberians into hardship.

They are also afraid that the protest might undermine government struggles towards implementing development. 

“We the Yana Boys Association of Liberia seriously frowned against the upcoming June 7 Save the State Protest. We have seen series of protest in Liberia and have never solved our problems as a nation or people, but rather worsen the situation,” Kollie said.

“It is often said that when two elephant fight, the grass will suffer.”

He said situations associated with protest have not shown a good sign for Liberia’s past, admonishing planners of the June 7 Protest to back off their plan.

According to him, the protest will deprive Yana boys and girls in Liberia from doing their normal business activities, which could deny thousands of children from getting their daily bread.

Kollie asserted that in addition to creating hardship, to the June 7 protest will scare away investors, which will have a negative effect on ordinary Liberians. 

“We believe if not handle, this situation could undermine government’s Pro-Poor Development Agenda which is targeted at improving the lives of ordinary Liberian with the Yana Boys Association of Liberia being no exception,” Kollie averred.

“We want to call on all of our members, most especially the Yana Boys and Yana Girls within the Republic of Liberia not to be part of the upcoming June 7 Protest.”

The warning follows series of cautions from some group of Liberians to include Plebeians (Common People of Liberia) and other religious leaders from the Christian and Muslim faith against staging a protest in Liberia.

The protest organizers under the banner, Council of Patriots, and those against are at loggerhead.

Those against the protest are claiming that members of the opposition are using the protest to create havoc and force President Weah to step down, long before his first term comes to an end.

However, the Council of Patriots has since clarified that the intent of their non-violent protest is not to call on George Weah to step down as President of Liberia.