Weah Wants Liberians Reflect on “Incredible 2019” in Watch Night Sermon

President Weah- ‘2019 had been an incredible year’

MONROVIA – President George Manneh Weah has asked his fellow Liberians as they begin 2020 to reflect on the past year, which ended another decade. The Liberian President described the past year as an ‘incredible year.’

Preaching the Watch Night sermon of his Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church in the Baptist Seminary Community in Paynesville, Monrovia, the President said 2019 had been an incredible year. He added, “We should pause and reflect on those things that have transpired during its twelve months. The things we have seen the things we have heard, the things we have done. Those things we have left undone — for better or worse.”

“In 2019, we have seen financial difficulty and endure economy hardship as we are all struggled to make ends meet and our broken economy is being repaired. But there is a bright side to the story. 2020 is destined to be our year of economic recovery. We have put in place certain mechanisms and forged new alliances that will ensure that we see better days ahead,” he added.

Taking his message from the Bible book of Jeremiah 29:10, he described the opposition block as “Discontented People”, which was the theme of his Tuesday, December 31st sermon.  

According to Preacher Weah, there are five signs that manifest to show that discontentment is dragging one down spiritually. 

“Envy – the inability to rejoice at the success of other, when someone is working diligently and doing everything to be successful and reach a point. The only thing we do is to bring them down; Uncontrolled ambition – the desire to win at all cost. No matter what it takes; Critical spirit – the tendency to make negative, hurtful and cutting remarks about other; Complaining spirit – the disposition to make excuses and to blame others for bad circumstances and for your problems; Refusal to take personal responsibility – the inability to be thankful for what we really have; and Out-burst anger – angry words spoken because our expectations were not met.” 

The President further stated that for people, who find themselves in this area, they are never satisfied with “change.” “Change can never make you happy because you were born unhappy.” 

Throwing Jibes

Apparently throwing jibes at Henry Costa and his other Council of Patriots folks, Preacher Weah wondered why Liberians should fall for “those people who are making noise for their own benefits.” He described those benefit seekers as a “pagan army.”

“We have come back and we allowing situation, those pagan army, those people that don’t believe in God, these are the people you are listening to. Today is what we have; God gives us peace. God is telling us that you have peace, build your economy because without peace we cannot build anything here. You can see that we are striving toward a better Liberia.  Why you want to destroy your own country? God has given a second chance, this is the second chance. Tomorrow if this government is not here another government will come; we need to make sure peace prevails in this country,” he urged. 

Still on the protest master-minders, President Weah asked: “Why are they not bringing their children forward if they believed what they are doing is right? Why are they not bringing the children in the streets? Is it only you can rebel? Their children also can rebel. It tells you that what they are doing is wronged. You cannot challenge the law. You have the right, human rights that nobody can take away from you, but you have to be respectful and obedient in what you want to do. They keep their children home and fly their children away and you are here going to the streets.” 

He promised: “I will never strike back because I know that life is important.” 

Wants to Work with Everybody

Pres. Weah told those agitated that he has an opened arms and wants to work with everybody. He, however turned from reconciliation and resumed his jibes. “Those who are telling you that this time is difficult, look, let us not waste our time, what you spoiled that is what I am fixing and I can guarantee you. You left a debt of US$1.2 billion and I am paying it small, small. At the same time, I am building roads, giving free scholarship, free WAEC fees and you are crying because one week you don’t have a pay? But we were here six months, seven months in other regimes, nobody went into the streets to protest.”

He also told his congregation, including those watching live feeds being streamed via the internet, that those who “spoiled” what he is “fixing” are people who went into a democratic process and did not make it because those listening and watching decided to vote him. “So how do you decided to put a President in the chair and you are the same persons going into the streets because those that lost saying you must go to the streets? You are disobeying the truth that you yourselves put out. 

“You went to the ballot box, if there is any problem, why are you going to those people that you didn’t give your vote to? Why don’t you come straight to the government that you put in power to talk to the government?” he asked. 

The President further stated, “And you allowing those rocketeers, those extortionists to give you hard time? We have to have a spirit of contentment.” 

Still preaching further, the President blamed the opposition block of “running in the streets to destabilise this country. This is unfair,” and that he will hold talks with people, who mean true business for Liberia. 

“If you don’t want to talk then we don’t talk but you want to talk we talk, so when you say something that makes sense we buy it but if it doesn’t make sense we move on. But nobody will blackmail your government. They are hearing me those that want personal stuff and not general stuff, they can go and sleep. I am not going to negotiate with nobody for personal stuff.” 

He told ordinary Liberians listening to him that if they don’t get in the streets there will be no protest; adding: “But if you get in the streets, there will be protest. Because they jumped on the plane, they come here to cause trouble. Some people want to go and seek asylum on your body. Cause trouble and run to America saying ‘The government is running behind me; I want paper; I cannot go back home.’ But it is at your detriment.”