VEEP Taylor Rallies LGGA To Join Fight To Eliminate Violence Against Women In Liberia


Paynesville – Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has called on members of the Liberian Girls Guard Association to prepare themselves against all forms of violence and abuse against girls and women in the country.

Making remarks on behalf of Veep Taylor over the weekend, Madam Clarke said the needs of women and girls in the country are huge and the tasks are enormous, stressing that unless they are prepared to do their duties to God and County the Liberia Girls Guard Association will not be able to achieve her goals.

“Unless we are prepared, we cannot make the impact that can change the story,” Madam Taylor’s message delivered on her behalf by Madam Clarke noted.

She noted that the Liberia Girls Guards Association is no stranger to changing lives through leadership development, community partnership, and community advocacy.

According to her, young women are abused on an everyday basis in nearly every country, and the need to combat these ills is crucial.

“Our friends, neighbors’ daughters, and mothers are either beaten, sexually or verbally abuse, harassed in many places and on the streets, rape and killed in times of conflict,” she said.

According to Madam Taylor, these heartbreaking stories in the news headlines and social media are unbecoming and need to be immediately addressed, if citizens are prepared to correct the wrongs.

She embraces the LGGA plan to upgrade the skills of young girls and women in becoming meaningful citizens.

VP Taylor then assured her fullest support in extending the Girls Guard Association at various schools.

For her, the Newly Inducted Chief Commissioner of the Liberia Girls Guard Association Deroe E. A. Weeks said her ascendancy will forge new partnerships home and abroad, along with existing partnerships to promote activities of the association.

Despite the challenges faced by the association, Madam Weeks has called for collaboration to forge activities of the group ahead.

Besides, she announced that the new leadership to will embarked on a nationwide tour to know the progress and challenges made thus far for further progress.

“There must be activities at our various centers so that children can become interested in becoming members of the Liberia Girls Guard Association,” Madam Weeks said.

Meanwhile, she has announced the immediate review of all income generation of the association for improvement.

Other officers elected along with Madam Weeks include Musu Y. Tiawon as Deputy Chief Commissioner, Sharlyn Idriss as National Treasurer, Kate T. Hunger, International Commissioner, Dearest T. Kpedebah, Youth Leader, and Chairperson of the Youth Committee and Eunice N. Kennedy, Montserrado County Commissioner.

At the same time, the President of the National Council A. Nadu Cooper said the Liberia Girls Guard Association remains a not-for-profit organization bent on training young women and girls to become responsible citizens of Liberia.

“They advocate for women’s rights and cater to their needs by providing them life skill training in computer skills training, agriculture, home economics, and advocacy campaign,” Madam Cooper said.

According to her, the core value of the association is geared at developing young women who are capable to lead the association more than the current leadership.

She further noted that the association has had some setbacks due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

However, she believed with the coming in of the new leadership, there will be progress in the association activities, especially taking the dream to various high schools across the country to revamp its activities.

Madam Cooper then reminded the Liberia Girls Guard Association that as one of her members, she will continue to work with the group