US-based Liberian Prelate Urges Compatriots to Stand against Ritualistic Killings


Monrovia – A US-based Liberian Clergywoman, Pastor Ethelyn Quaye Naiah, is urging Liberians to stand up against all forms of ritualistic killings, which have been reported in all parts of the country of late.

For the last several weeks, Liberians, especially in the capital, Monrovia, have woken up from bed only to hear of dead bodies being found in parts of the city. Those reporting these bodies, have also alleged that they are being found with parts having been extracted from on them. 

In Liberia, when such thing occurs, or those reportedly missing body parts, are usually attributed to ritual activities. 

It can be recalled that on Tuesday, October 5, hundreds of Liberian women protested in Monrovia against the wave of alleged ritual killings in the country.

Rumors of ritual murders from across the country have spread on social media for weeks like wide fire. Some bodies have shown on social media with parts missing, apparently for evil ritual purposes.  

Despite these reports, the Liberia National Police (LNP) hierarchies, who appeared on an afternoon radio talkshow of the State broadcaster recently, categorically denied most of these accounts. 

According to Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue, some of the dead bodies found dumped on the streets and or in communities, were dumped there by relatives who can’t afford to bury their dead, so they opt to choose such way.

In the days that follow after the radio appearance, the LNP Inspector General was heavily criticized particularly for this comment. 

Nevertheless, he clarified that one ritual murder did occur recently in Maryland County. During that press conference, IG Sudue and his corps of junior officers threatened to arrest anyone who posts on social media alleged ritual video or dead bodies being found in communities. 

But speaking to this newspaper in an exclusive interview from her residence in the US recently, Pastor Ethelyn Naiah, head of the Women Organized for Nationwide Deliverance Empowerment and Restoration (WONDER) Ministry, renewed her stance against all forms of inhumane treatment against all persons.

“The issue of ritualistic killings is in Liberia is an aged-long issue. It is real and it exists. For the head of the police, I mean a law enforcement officer, who should be protecting lives and property, to come on national radio to say that people are throwing their dead relatives in the streets because they can’t afford to bury them, I mean, it is an insult to us Liberians. 

“During the Ebola outbreak, we were told that the fluid of the dead would kill us but, we still wanted to bury our dead with honor. How dare you tell us that we can’t afford to bury our dead, so we throw them in the streets? People are being arrested for talking or posting anything on social media about an issue that is real. We will not be silenced; we will not be intimidated. Every human being deserves to live. From the testimony of Joshua Milton Blayi, former fighter, to the story of Tan-yon-non and the students in Harper, to the pregnant woman who was killed in 2010 when listings of people allegedly involved were written on a sheet of paper in Harper, to the three missing boys allegedly by Saint Moses and many others.

We cannot deny that the issue of heart men or (Gbo-yo) as it is called in Maryland doesn’t exist. God has the power to lift-up another and bring another down. David was anointed as king of Israel, but he didn’t make a human sacrifice. Saul was anointed king of Israel without a human sacrifice. Esther became queen of Susha without a human sacrifice. Please leave our people alone. We were created in the image and likeness of God. We deserve to live. I call on all religious leaders to forget the brown envelope and add their voices and prayers to stop this aged-long problem. I am calling on my fellow Liberians to stand up against all forms of ritual activities in the country,” Pastor Naiah added.