US-Based Liberian Humanitarian Wants Legislature Share Blame For Economic Woes In Liberia


MONROVIA – As challenges confronting Liberia and its citizens continue to escalate as a result of deepening economic crisis in the country, A Liberian humanitarian based in the United States has blasted at members of the 54th National Legislature for not doing enough to help improve the country’s economy for the benefits of the nation and those who elected them at the helm of power.

According to Mr. Feikai Oldman Sarnor, the Executive branch of the Liberian government which is headed by President George Manneh Weah cannot solely be held responsible for the declining state of the country’s economy.

Mr Sarnor is the Chief Executive Office of the Sarnoh Charity Foundation which was founded in Liberia in April 2017 with a mission to impact the lives of underprivileged children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

He made these comments in an interview with reporters via telephone from the United States recently.

He added that though the Liberian Chief Executive and officials of his cabinet are under obligation to find a solution to the current level of hardship vast majority of citizens are experiencing as a result of the country’s shattered economy, it is worth noting that the legislature too has a greater role to play towards helping to improve the country’s economy.

Mr. Sarnor claimed that legislators have over the years allegedly failed to pass legislations that intend to better the living conditions of those who elected them at the first branch of the Liberian government.

He noted that since the inception of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government, nothing has been done by lawmakers to pass legislations which seek to support and empower businesses owned by Liberians, or create a conducive environment for local entrepreneurs.

According to him, the failure of lawmakers to act towards prioritizing the economic interest of Liberians despite pronouncement made by President Weah during his inauguration in January 2018, continue to negatively affect citizens and slow down economic growth and stability in the society.

“If our legislators are doing their jobs properly by making the right laws that empower citizens that will have a great impact on the lives of every citizen. We need laws that support Liberians and empower Liberian owned businesses”.

He emphasized the need for members of the 54th National Legislature to enact laws that prioritize Liberian owned businesses through a government partnership with commercial banks in the country.

“The problem of this country is not the president, it is the legislature. You know they are the problem from the laws they passed which should have been targeted at empowering small businesses”. 

Mr. Sarnor added that legislators are under obligation to ensure that the interests of their citizens are prioritized by ensuring that foreigners do not control or dominate the country’s economy.

He observed that the Liberian economy has been dominated by foreigners, including the Fulani, Lebanese and Indians, something which he stated, is negatively contributing to the growth and development of Liberia and its citizens.

“While it is true that the Executive appointed by President George M. Weah has responsibility to cater for the wellbeing of the citizenry, elected official too should push the interest of their people at the lobbying table. We cannot keep allowing foreigners control our markets and we sit there doing nothing but remaining poor”.