University of Liberia Threatens Expulsion, Suspension against Student Protestors


Monrovia – The University of Liberia has threatened expulsion or suspension of students responsible for the recent protest that vandalized properties at the institution Capitol Hill campus.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah, [email protected]

According to the UL administration, it has instituted a special investigative body consistent with due process as outlined in the UL Student Handbook to ascertain facts surrounding the incident.

“Those responsible for this vandalism will face immediate suspension or expulsion and could also be turned over to the National Police for prosecution in accordance with the provision of the Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia,” Dr. Weeks said.

The incident began when a group of students hurled stones and rocks that seriously injured other students and shattered nearly all the windows of the University auditorium.   

One student, who sustained an injury to the head, was reportedly rushed to the hospital in the Liberian National Police ambulance to seek immediate medical attention.

A vehicle’s front windshield was also shattered. This vandalism occurred when a student political party, the Student Democratic Alliance (STUDA), celebrated its 26th anniversary in the UL auditorium.

But UL President Dr. Ophelia I Weeks on Tuesday noted that while the University of Liberia respects and upholds the practice of free speech and the right to free assembly as fundamental constitutional guarantees, it does not support acts of mayhem.

These acts of violence, according to Dr. Weeks, have the proclivity of instilling fear and intimidation amongst the students’ populace and the institution instructional staffs.

The UL Administration through its president Dr. Week has condemned the situation, which she said is being masterminded by people who are against educational advancement at the state-run university.

“The UL administration in the strongest terms this wanton act of violence and reminds all students of the University zero-tolerance policy against such undesirable behavior,” Dr. Weeks asserted.

Consequently, the UL Administration said it will strictly enforce the rules against students with ‘disorderly behavior’ as spelled out in institution Student’s Handbook.