University of Liberia Launches Performance Evaluation and Enhancement Program for Staffs


Monrovia To improve the performance of workers at the state-run university, the University of Liberia administration on Monday, August 13 launched a scheme title: “The Performance Evaluation and Enhancement Program,” (PEEP) to track the daily performance of workers.

Report by Jackson F. Kanneh, [email protected]

The project was launched at the Fendall Campus of the University of Liberia.


Speaking at the launch, the President of the University of Liberia (UL), Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks said PEEP was set up to provide checks and balances on employees and contractors working for the university.

Dr. Weeks added that the UL administration will not hesitate to fire workers who fail to comply with the new scheme or deliberately refuse to perform their duty assign to them by their supervisor.

“Everybody working at the University of Liberia got to do their job. The faculty, the casual laborers and even the students got to do their job, because the university will not perform properly if somebody somewhere is not doing their job.

“The University will not hesitate to fire workers who failed to perform duty assigned to them by their supervisor,” she said.

“This unit is to have a specific form that will give praises to workers who deserve it, and to remove those who are not doing anything at all.”

Dr. Weeks also urged department heads and supervisors of the university to desist from hiring workers base on family affiliation or relationships.

“It is my hope to see the UL among the top 20 universities in West Africa in the next seven years,” she added.

Also speaking, PEEP Director, Yede-Michelle Dennis stated that scheme is not intended to get rid of workers at the state-run university as may be perceived by some employees but rather to provide a check and balance system that is aim at inspiring workers to perform excellently on their job.

“This program is not being setup to fire people around here, but rather to serve as a circle of evaluation. The purpose of this program is to facilitate a two communication between manager and employee regarding job expectation and performance,” she said.

For his part, UL Former President, Dr. Emmet Dennis encouraged both employees and contractors working for the university to take pride in the job and do their outmost best improve the university.

“Everybody serving the university is equally important no matter their position or description of the job,” Dr. Dennis said, calling on both employees and contractors to take pride in the job they do.