UBCAA Elections Thrown into Chaos as Presidential Candidate Toto Withdraws, But Board Chairman Dakagboi Says Elections Will Go Ahead


Gbarnga, Bong County — George Toto and his team have withdrawn from the the pending presidential elections of the United Bong County Association in the Americas (UBCAA), accusing the organization’s president Samuel M. Sondah and board chairman Nathaniel Dakagboi of violating the constitution.

Natives of Bong County residing in the United States of America are expected to elect new officials of the organization at a convention slated for July 16-19.

But the process leading to the event has been plunged into chaos with Toto and his team planning to stage sperate convention on July 17 in Delaware.

Toto, who should have contested against Kollie for the presidency, announced last week via Facebook of his withdrawal and advised his supporters to stay away from the convention that is expected to be held in Minnesota.

‘This last year has been extremely difficult for the UBCAA, but we are dedicated to providing the necessary leadership to guide the UBCAA through these tumultuous waters to safe and quiet shores.

‘Unfortunately, we have uncovered a desperate conspiracy by Samuel M. Sondah, Nathaniel Dakagboi, Roland Freeman, and Caimon Kollie, in a grand scheme to micro- manage the electioneering process, as well as grossly and disrespectfully violating the constitution of the UBCAA,’ he posted on Facebook.

Toto claimed the organization had agreed to hold this year’s convention and elections in Philidephia following the Kentucky convention in 2019, alleging that Sondah and Dakagboi unanimouly changed the venue of the election to Minnesota ‘at their will and pleasure’.

He said: ‘The leadership of Mr. Sondah went ahead to change the venue with no disregard to the authority of the General Assembly as guaranteed by the constitution of the UBCAA,’ he said.

‘We have closely followed the ongoing social media quagmire that saw the current president of the UBCAA alleged that his signature was forged. In the light of these new unfolding, we are calling for a speedy and a rapid investigation into the matter and want all those found culpable to be dealt with and be made to respond to the full extent of the

‘Another surprising incident is, the same letter Sondah said was fake and didn’t bear his signature was the same communication signed by him few weeks ago unconstitutionally changing the venue of the convention from Pennsylvania to Minnesota.

‘His actions have been inconsistent with the constitution which guarantee untrust, unfair and no confidence in the upcoming elections,’ he added. We have all of the evidences of inconsistencies between the Samuel Sondah, Nathaniel Dakagboi regarding the location of venue including allegations of forgery, and fraud were not properly addressed by the executives of the Board who are both illegally proceeding with this electoral process.’

Meanwhile, David K. Flomo, former president of the organization, said he’s disappointed over the current leadership’s decision to change the constitutional convention venue from Philadelphia to Minnesota.

Flomo said since the birth of UBCAA in 1990, this will be the first time in the the organization’s history for two conventions because of the ‘irresponsible’ leadership of Samuel Sondah and Dakagboi.

Flomo added: ‘The actions of the national president and board chairman have divided the organization, canceled travel plans for chapters, delegates and citizens from attending the Minnesota’s convention and hindered the unity of the citizens of Bong County in the Diaspora.’

‘Unfounded allegations’

Meanwhile, Sondah described as ‘unfounded and misleading’ allegations by Toto and said his aim is intented to discredit the image of the UBCAA presidency.

‘As President I don’t have the power to determine where we hold conventions and meetings. The executive committee in the absence of the convention can do same. This is the case with our meeting in Minnesota.

‘In the spirit and letters of a united community, we have asked Mr. George Toto and his team to join all in Minnesota to hold the convention and elections. He has been further advised to desist from making false accusations that are rooted in half truths and grandstanding intended to project his whimsical political desires,’ he said.

‘Elections will go ahead as planned’

Meanwhile, Dakagboi also refuted allegations made by Toto and his team and said the elections will go on as planned.

‘As we are headed closer to the 2021 UBCAA National Convention, we are calling on fellow Bongese, past, present, and future members, and leaders of our community to be mindful of misleading information about a counter convention/flyer, which is perpetuated by a very few members of our community to cause distractions and confusion.’

He said: ‘Over the past couple of months, various mediums (UBCAAEXCO chatroom, Facebook, News Media) have been very active with discussions from different angles; some pleasant or unpleasant, some factual, some fallacy, etc. As much as we the leaders are the subject and object of most of your comments, both pleasant and unpleasant, we have continued to exercise tolerance and patience, with the health of our community in mind.’

He added: ‘Let it be clear that in any decent human society or setting, leaders are subject to queries and criticisms. However, we ask that your criticisms be done with some level of decency and professionalism.’

‘We know that we have a duty to inform all of you with the needed and necessary information in a timely manner. We have always done our part during these times, and hopefully, we will continue to do so as time permits us.’

He termed Toto’s allegations ‘distractions’ and urged delegates to converge in Minnesota for the convention and elections. ‘Please make plans to attend the 2021 UBCAA National Convention, slated for July 16-18, 2021, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Please invite your friends and families to the Convention in Minneapolis.’