The Regional Watch for Human Rights Incorporated Condemns Acts of Violence, Impunity in Liberia


Monrovia – The Regional Watch for Human Rights Incorporated (RWHRI) has accused the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of creating a state of violence and insecurity specifically as it relates to the continuous harassment, intimidation, and violence.

According to RWHRI, the government has been engaged in a series of political asperities on other political opponents since its inception in 2018.

“The situation has been the causative elements of an unhealthy environment for economic growth and political stability, thereby continuing to create a hardship on its citizenry but yet the government remains complacent and insensitive to address those issues of concern,” the Regional Director Tola Thompson Adebayor said during a press conference.

Mr. Adebayor said government officials lack of transparency, accountability, and the ineptitude of government to end the culture of impunity can be attributed to parochiality of both the legislature and judiciary who have surrendered their functions to the executive.

He said the act by the legislature and judiciary are violating the Constitution without being checked.

On the 16 billion and 25 million United States Dollars saga the (RWHRI) says the Government have been thrown to the state of oblivion but remains fresh on the mind of the international community and foreign investors that CDC-led government lacks administrative acumen to run the state properly while those who are critics of the government officials become victims of fear.

However, the group recommended that those mentioned in the Kroll 16 billion Liberian Dollars and 25 million USD should be fired and prosecuted as a deterrent.

“All electoral violence since the inception of CDC led government should be investigated and perpetrators are brought to book” 

“The recent flogging of the Deputy Inspector General Police,102 and violent attack on the Liberty Party headquarters should not go with impunity.”

At the same time, RWHR wants Liberia National Police to discharge their duty diligently void of bias but maintain their neutrality, irrespective of party affiliation, tribe, religious or sex.

The CSO urged the government to sign the establishment of war and economic crime court to put an end to impunity in Liberia.