The President of the Liberia Council of Churches Bishop Kortu Brown Says Liberia Lacks the Baptism of Repentance


MONROVIA – The President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) Bishop Kortu K. Brown has attributed the socio-economic and political backwardness of Liberia and the growing wave of wickedness and misuse of public resources to the lack of the “baptism of repentance” among the citizenry, including government officials.

Founded in 1982, the LCC is an ecumenical Christian organization that comprises of churches and other religious groups operating in Liberia.

Bishop Brown is also the General Overseer of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church (APC) International located in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.

He observed that wickedness is also on the increase in the post conflict nation as a result of this.

He made these comments in a thanksgiving message delivered at the 14th general biennial conference of the APC held with the New Water in the Desert Assembly in Brewerville, Montserrado County recently.

Bishop Brown spoke on the theme: “Jesus is Lord” with Scripture text taken from the book of 1st Corinthians 8:6.

He stressed that Liberia is “groping” and faced with numerous challenges because “the people and their leaders are not ready for the change that will transform the nation and improve the lives of the ordinary people”.

He said though citizens have been called upon to practice the baptism of repentance for the forward match of the nation, they have been shunning away.

“The reason why the nation of Israel didn’t experience the transformation that they desire with the coming of Jesus Christ was because they failed to respond to the call of John Baptism calling on them to embrace the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins as recorded in St. Luke Chapter 3 verse 3”.

“Liberians are failing to prepare the way of the Lord just as Israel did when the voice of one cried in the wilderness about 2,000 years ago, shouting, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight””.

Promoting stealing

Bishop Brown further observed a high level of hate and division among Liberians.

He claimed that the promoting of stealing and misuse of public resources remain the order of the day in present day Liberia

“Here we are as a country, failing to love one another, to prioritize the peace and happiness of one another, murdering and destroying one another; actively promoting stealing and the misuse of public resources for personal aggrandizement, amongst others. “How can we expect to develop when the very things that brought us death and underdevelopment are still actively hunting us”, he quipped.

Transform the mind

Bishop Brown stated that if Liberia is to be on par with other countries in terms of growth and development, citizens, including government officials should first transform their minds.

 “For any country to develop, there has to be a transformation of the mind, which was the baptism of repentance that John the Baptist preached to the children of Israel before the first advent of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

He added that “Liberians are failing to change the way they say or do things and that’s what is hurting the country”.

According to Bishop Brown, “repentance baptism for forgiveness is changing the mind regarding former beliefs and behaviors and turning to a new way of believing and behaving; turning away from the past and turning toward a new life for the future”.

Don’t expect something from same old people

“When the same old people create a new church, political party or organization, you can’t expect anything new because their thinking is the same old thinking or way of doing things. That’s why even new political parties don’t thrive in Liberia. It is the same old people in a new group”.

He maintained that if Liberia is to experience real change or transformation, Liberians must ensure that “every valley is filled and every mountain and hill brought low; and the crooked ways made straight, and the rough places made smooth; and then all flesh shall see the salvation of God”.

He placed specific emphasis on the seven types of baptism mentioned in the Bible, including the Baptism of Moses, repentance, Jesus, Fire, the Cross, Holy Ghost and Believers.

He said the “baptism of fire” awaits all who will not practice the baptism of “repentance” or the transformation of their minds while living on the earth.

“One day they will stand in judgment before God to give an account of their life here on the earth. The world will be judged for its sins according to the book of St. John Chapter 5 verse 22”.