The ECOWAS Holds Com’ttee Meeting in Ghana To Explores The Role of Telecommunications And Information Technology In Achieving Regional Development, Peace, Security And Human Rights


MONROVIA – Members of the ECOWAS Joint Committee on Political Affairs, Peace, Security and African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Telecommunications and Information Technology are meeting in Ghana to brainstorm the role of telecommunication in achieving regional development.

The meeting which is under the theme: “The role of telecommunications and information technology (tit) in achieving regional development,” is happening in Winneba, Ghana – 27th to 31st July, 2021.

Delegates at the Meeting will discuss several issues ranging from the influence of TIT on elections in member states, regional roaming issues: regional cyber-privacy and security, the role of tit in enhancing human rights and the impact of tit on the operations of judicial systems in member states, amongst others.

The meeting will explore the application of the existing and on the horizon TIT that can facilitates the development in terms finding lasting solutions to Roaming Issues, Peace and Security and Fundamental Human Rights for the betterment of ECOWAS region.  

In a dispatch from ECOWAS, because Telecommunication and Information Technology (TIT) sector plays an important role, notably by contributing to rapid technological progress and productivity growth. Organizations use Telecommunications and Information Technologies (TIT) to organize transnational networks in response to international competition and the increasing need for strategic interaction.

“Telecommunications and Information Technologies are transforming societies and fueling the growth of the global economy. The concept of Telecommunications and Information  Technologies  (thereafter  TITs)  refers  to electronic means  of access,  process, store  and present  communication  and  information  using computers,  internet,  telephone,  cell-phones, television, radio and  slide projector.

 “In that regard, TIT integration connotes both means and tool to relay communication data and information amongst and between users through the electronic hardwires and software programs. In this digital era, TIT development already has impacted hugely in ECOWAS and the world at large.”

 The ECOWAS dispatch also states that because, digital  infrastructure  has  become  a  defining feature for need of technological competencies to improvise  business as usual  approaches  and ensure  quality  development. Evidently, the explosion and advancement of TIT has been significantly impacting development, peace and security as main vehicle of human capital development in ECOWAS Region.

What the meeting intends to achieve

 The meeting recognizes the potentially valuable role of TIT in the development of the ECOWAS Region particularly in areas of peace and security and fundamental human right.

It leverages the reputation and convening powers of the Parliamentarians in public policy for the betterment of ECOWAS. At the end of the Joint Committee meeting, Members of the Joint Committee are expected to:

Be familiarize with the situation at hand on all the concerns captured on the discussion topics and measures or solutions taken or on the way with a view to ensuring that all issues are resolved;

Identify relevant intervention mechanism allowing Parliament to make an efficient contribution in ensuring that recommendations are made to this effect to Parliament at its next session;

Members of Parliament are more instilled with the progress and challenges thorough interactions with experts and stakeholders in all the relevant grey areas in all the identified discussion topics.