Self-Proclaimed Rights Activist Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Female Colleagues

Daniel Dennis, president of Students Against Corruption has been accused of sexual harassment by former female colleagues

Monrovia – At least one of Daniel K. Dennis’ female colleagues, 21-year-old Isatu Dweh, has alleged that she was raped by Dennis, who carries himself as a rights activist against corruption and abuse.

Ms. Dweh said she was 16 when Dennis allegedly deflowered her, subsequently fathering a now five-year-old daughter with her. According to her, she and Dennis, who is the president of Student Against Corruption (SAC), have two children and he has abandoned them with her.

“What he did to me, I will consider it as a rape. I won’t forgive him. He made me lose my virginity and everything I had planned to achieve, including to become a Nurse,” she said, sadly. She also stressed that he made her drop out of high school and out of college.

SAC is a student-led pressure group against corruption and abuse, according to Dennis’ LinkedIn page.

Ms. Dweh narrated in a video posted to Youtube on January 5, 2022, that when the news of her first pregnancy came out, Dennis’ parents, especially his father, had pleaded with her not to say that she was/is 16 because that would land his son in prison.

She, Dennis, and others were the original people who started SAC in 2013. Dennis used to go and pick her up and they would go on camps and other places in the name of SAC.

Ms. Isatu Dweh accused Daniel Dennis of raping her when she 16 and fathering a now five-year-old daughter by her

She spoke out following reports that her babies’ father had flagged out alleged sexual abuse and harassment on two of the campuses of the academic institutions owned and operated by Change Agent Network/Opportunity Network Liberia (CAN/ONLIB), whose CEO is Mr. Eric Wowoh. Dennis had even reported that Wowoh raped a 16-year-old minor, who is referred to only as “A.S.” in official Police report to protect her identity.

Ms. Dweh, too, was a former student of Heart of Grace, one of the schools operated by CAN. She narrated that she became a member of SAC back in 2013 and it was around that time that she and Dennis started a sexual relationship. She narrated that not long after, she got impregnated for him after deflowering her. He had urged her to terminate the pregnancy, but she refused and kept the pregnancy until she delivered her baby.

According to her, his mom had pleaded with her at that time, that it shouldn’t come to his father’s knowledge because his father won’t pay his school fees at Bluecrest University.

Isatu narrated further that she had to abandon the relationship with Dennis because he deserted her and the babies.

She disclosed that even though his (Daniel’s) father is sending their two children to school, Daniel doesn’t show any concern for his own kids.

Ms. Dweh, who is now trying to piece her life back together by going to vocational school, stressed that Dennis shouldn’t be the one to speak against corruption and sexual abuse because he himself is properly involved into such acts.

She wants the stakeholders against rape, including the Ministry of Gender, Children’s Protection, Liberia National Police and others, to look into what she alleged against Dennis.

Ms. Leetor Sibley, one of the young ladies, who SAC said had told them about sexual abuse on the campus of Triple. She denied that she has been sexually harassed

Also, posted to Youtube on the same day, Ms. Leetor Sibley, a 12th grader at Alexander A. Andrews Academy also known as Triple ‘A’, categorically denied that widespread sexual abuse and harassment is happening on the Triple ‘A’ campus. Ms. Sibley is one of the female students, who were reported to the police that they had been sexually harassed and abused by Wowoh and other male administrators of Triple A, which is one of the secondary academic institutions of CAN/ONLIB. 

Ms. Leetor Sibley, who began the Gbarnga, Bong County-based secondary institution in the 11th Grade, told journalists that those who carried such news of she and other girls being sexually harassed did so based on lies and that no male instructor has ever approached her for sex.

Ms. Sibley explained that Dennis, who reported the alleged sexual abuse taking place on the campuses of Triple A and Heart of Grace, should not be the one to be fighting or reporting such when he is involved in it.

“Daniel Dennis and Jestina Dunbar are in a relationship,” she disclosed as she explained further that she and Dennis were also in sexual relationship, but she had to quit it when he added Jestina to the relationship. Jestina, too, is another student of Triple A.

Speaking further, Leetor said, “If you are someone, who is trying to fight corruption and sexual abuse, you yourself need to be free from it. You need to practice what you preach. But Daniel Dennis being a person who is sexually harassing students on the campuses coming out to say that he’s fighting against sexual harassment when he is involved in it, how can you fight such case?”

She suggests that SAC should change him from his present position he holds as president because, according to her, he is sexually harassing girls.

Meanwhile, Mr. George Thomas, the Business Manager of Heart of Grace School, also told this newspaper that Dennis had tried to mess with his now 16-year-old daughter when she was 15 and in the 10th Grade.

“He prides himself to be an integrity idol, but he was here messing with all the kids. When I asked my daughter about what I had heard, she confirmed the story but said she didn’t take him seriously because he was also having a relationship with her best friend who she used to move with while in 10th grade,” Thomas stated.

According to him, even when the police was doing its investigation into the alleged sexual abuse and harassment on the campuses of Triple A and Heart of Grace, his daughter’s name came up and he allowed the police to take a statement from her.

Responding, Daniel Dennis didn’t categorically deny nor confirm that he did commit those sexual allegations levelled against him, but he insisted that the two young ladies had been planted, plotted, and induced with money from Eric Wowoh to tarnish his reputation as a rights activist.

He also stated, “My brother when you are a rights activist and you are fighting against corruption and sexual abuse, people such as Eric will come after you when you bring their deeds to light.”

According to him, Isatu was kidnapped and taken to an unknown location in Gbarnga, Bong County and was forced by Eric to tell lies against him.

The Liberia National Police has cleared Mr. Eric W. Wowoh of all allegations of sexual misconduct/rape following its investigation

Police Investigation

The Liberian National Police began an in-depth investigation into the allegations in September 2021 when it was reported to them by Wowoh and SAC. In their final “Confirmation Clearance” report, under the signature of Charles B. Blake, Commissioner of Police for CSD, CID and Interpol Affairs, issued on December 22, 2021, the LNP cleared Mr. Eric W. Wowoh of all sexual misconduct (rape) within Triple A and at Heart of Grace.