Residents of West Don’t Want to Relocate, Call for Blocking of the Ocean


MONROVIA – Residents of West Point Township, a slum community in Monrovia, have called on the Weah-led government to “do all it can to prevent the Atlantic Ocean from taking over the entire township”

Over 200 homes have been destroyed and more than 50,000 persons made homeless over the past twenty years, residents have said. 

The disaster victims want President Weah to intervene as soon as possible to prevent the ocean from swallowing the rest of the township.

One of the affected residents, Josephine Nimely, lauded the government for making timely intervention by preventing the ocean from taking over the township.

“We want our president to block that sea (Atlantic Ocean) for us right now because we don’t have anywhere else to go, as you people said we are your mothers and sisters here in West Point, I want your do all you can do to fight the sea, our children need to go to school and we also need to survive but the sea erosion not giving us chance, so please, we beg your, tell our president to help us before we all be homeless,” she said.

For her part, victim Monica Reeves, who has lost her four bedroom house to the ocean, is calling on the President to rescue West Point.

“We that voted him they say we stupid but thanks to President Weah for putting young people in government that can look back and give us something for we and our kids, but we are suffering today all because of this sea, we have lost our properties and homes to the water, only the government now can help us to safe West Point,” she noted.

Tamba G. Johnson, a father of six children, is currently sleeping with relatives. He says his children are struggling to go to school because “there is no home and money to purchase books for the kids schooling”.

“Since my house was carried by the sea my children and I sleep around at relatives’ homes and we have no money to even buy copy books for them to go to school, we really need help,” he pleaded.

The West Point disaster victims spoke to FrontPage Africa when junior officials of government under the umbrella “CDC like minds Party faithful” toured the community.

The head of the team, Randall M. Dobayou, Deputy Director General at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), called on the residents of West Point to be calm and wait patiently as the government of Liberia is working the possibility to build a seawall to prevent the ocean from over taking the rest of the land.