Renowned Liberian Clergyman, Dr. Daniel Fallah Martol, Wins Prestigious US Award


MONROVIA — A renowned Liberian Clergyman residing in the United States has been awarded the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who Award for his indelible and indefatigable contributions to humanity both home and abroad.

Dr. Daniel Fallah Martol was given the award recently for his immense and immeasurable contributions to humanity. He is the Minister for Mount Zion International Ministries (AKA Living Word)

He is a native of Liberia who experienced the country’s civil war and sought to aid others who were greatly affected and made homeless as a result of the country’s civil conflict.

Dr. Martol was notably regarded for assisting families, helping with food distribution and counseling others when he served with the Red Cross in refugee camps while in Liberia.

Shortly thereafter, he discovered his passion for serving others and immigrated to the United States.

Dr. Martol’s church, Mount Zion International Ministries (AKA Living Word) has four additional branches in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia, and Iowa.

His ministry has flourished as a Spiritual Institution and an empowerment for juvenile delinquents, and prosperity among its congregants.

It also serves as a beacon of hope for many disadvantaged and underprivileged in the US.

Working as a Counselor, behavior psychologist and a Minister over the years, Dr. Martol established supportive programs that helped shape delinquent juveniles and youths to colleges and higher institution of learning in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Iowa.

He continues to dedicate his time, money and resources to Charity work in Africa.

Since 2006, his organization has donated food, clothing, OTC medications, personal scholarships, church planting, and other charitable work in Liberia and Sierra Leone. 

Dr. Martol was selected for the Marquis Who’s Who and is featured in the Millennium Magazine.

The magazine features the most successful people in America in its 2021 Edition.

In a brief chat with FrontPage, Dr. Martol attributed his achievement to his desire and passion to help others succeed.

He emphasized that his success comes from the success of others.

To attest to his legacy, he has received myriad certificates from the country of Liberia in recognition of his aid, as well as earned the honor of Employee of the Month.

Looking toward the future, Dr. Martol intends to experience the continued growth of his career while also serving others in his local community.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of New Rochelle, a master’s degree from Long Island University, and a Doctorate in Education.

Dr. Martol has written a total of 15 books and since accrued more than 18 years of experience in counseling, social work and ministry.

About the award

Founded by Albert Nelson Marquis, the Marquis Who’s Who Award selects individuals for listing in its publications “based on reference value”.

 Individuals become eligible for listing by virtue of their positions and/or noteworthy achievements that have proved to be of significant value to society.

An individual’s desire to be listed is not sufficient reason for inclusion. Similarly, wealth or social position are not criteria. Purchase of the book is never a factor in the selection of biographees”.

Some insight into the selection process can be obtained from William L Hamilton’s article entitled “Who Are You? Why Are You Here?” that appeared in The New York Times in 2005. He writes about new owners acquiring Marquis in 2003, “an editorial team of 70, including 12 researchers, make the call on whose notable and who’s not”.

Marquis calls its selection criteria “stringent” and claims that biographical data on candidates for listing are reviewed by its editors to confirm that its requirements are met.

Their chief executive, Gene M. McGovern, told The New York Times that “the fundamental standards here are position and accomplishment”.

Once selected, a biographical draft is sent to biographees for pre-publication checking. In cases where notable individuals decline to submit biographical data, Marquis proceeds to compile all of the information to be published.

Marquis Who’s Who states that it requires no fees from those selected as biographees on its website’s 2019 FAQ page, which also states that those listed may have online access, and may edit their own online listings, by using the company’s connected “Marquis Biographies Online” subscription service.