Public Schools Teachers in Rivecess County Accuse Afrikland Bank of Defrauding Them of Their Salaries


Capitol Hill, Monrovia – Several public school teachers from Rivercess County on Monday met their Senator Willington Geevon Smith to explain the Challenges in receiving their salary from the Afriland Bank in the County. They have also accused the bank or withholding their 20% salary that is paid by government into their accounts in Liberian Dollars currency.

The bank has denied the claims; stating that it does not operate in Rivercess County as being reported. However, the bank clarified that it only lends technical support to the MC2 bank in the County. Any transactions done by MC2 are not done in the name of Afriland Bank, it added.

The teachers, in their numbers travelled to Monrovia to meet Senator Smith who promised to intervene in the matter. The Senator assured the teachers of Rivercess County that all monies allegedly deducted from them by the Afriland Bank through its local branch, MC2 will be paid by the Bank.

Senator Smith informed the teachers that since taking over as Senator, he has written several communications to plenary; informing them about what appears to be illegal deduction from each account of all teachers assigned.

The MC2 bank currently operating in Rivercess is a branch of the Afriland which is involved with disbursing teachers’ salary in the district is said to be allegedly involved with the deduction of US$5 and L$500 from the ‘Twenty and Eighty Percent’ component of the salaries respectively from each teacher‘s account in Rivercess County.

The Rivercess Senator also assured the teachers that he would file another complaint against the MC2 bank to the Plenary of the Senate.

According to the spokesperson of the group, Morris K. Vonsuwa, the MC2 bank has allegedly refused to pay their twenty percent component of their salaries for several months, even though the Government has paid them; pointing accusing fingers at the local bank manager, John Teah.

Meanwhile, Afriland Bank manager and CEO Robert Nkrus on Monday informed the Joint Committee on Banking and Currency and Public Account at a hearing that the accusation against the bank is not true.

Mr. Nkrus said Afriland Bank is involved with the provision of technical assistance and the training of staff for the local bank in Rivercess County, and not involved in the financial operation of the bank.

Following the hearing, the Joint Committee requested the management and the bank’s CEO to appear along with the authority of MC2. It is expected that the committee will also cite the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) on a later date that will be agreed upon by the Committee. 

The citation to Afriland Management was triggered by a Communication from RiverCcess County Senator, Willington Geevon Smith, Complaining the Bank of an alleged deduction of benefits of Teachers in Rivercess County.