Presidential Aide Urges Muslims To Pray For Peace And Stability In Liberia Ahead Of Senatorial Election; Donates 5KVA Generator To Mosque

Special Presidential Aid, Mr. Sekou Kalasco Damaro (middle with nose mask) and some officials of the Benson Street Central Mosque

MONROVIA – The Special Aid to President George Manneh Weah, Mr. Sekou Kalasco Damaro, has donated a 5KVA generator to the Benson Street Central Mosque, with a call on Liberian Muslims to intensify their prayers for the sustenance of peace and stability in the country, ahead of the ensuing Senatorial elections.

The ensuing senatorial election is expected to take place on December 8, according to the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Making the donation at the mosque edifice in Monrovia Wednesday, Mr. Damaro disclosed that the gesture was made possible following information gathered that the mosque has been in darkness for a long period of time.

He noted that it was appalling for the House of “Allah” to be engulfed with darkness, and as such, he was touched and moved to identify with his compatriots during these difficult times.

He added that the Benson Street Central Mosque remains the oldest existing mosque in Liberia that should not be faced with challenges at this time.

Mr. Damaro pointed out that his decision taken to identify with his fellow Muslims was also in consonance with the religious tolerance of President George Manneh Weah to help move the country forward.

He stated that the Liberian Chief Executive continue to incorporate citizens of all religions into the governance process of the country.

He observed that both Muslims and Christians continue to co-exist and work together for their transformation and the betterment of the country

“As a President who believes in religious tolerance and has seen it as an opportunity to have someone like me in his office as his aid; we told have to follow his example. This place is the oldest mosque and to see it struggling without electricity; we can’t sit back and watch”.

He urged religious leaders, particularly Muslims to continue to render prayers to Allah for the success of their national leaders and the maintenance of peace and tranquility in the Liberian society.

“People normally say good will always triumph over evil. No matter how bad we can have people, but when we have the mosques that is praying for the country, leadership and praying that this country belongs to everybody and everybody should render prayers that will commensurate with the growth and development of the country; this country will move forward”.

Mr. Damaro, however, stressed the need for Liberians to desist from planning for the downfall of their national leaders.

He noted that all citizens, regardless of religion, political affiliation or creed, should continue to pray for their national leaders and the country at large.

He emphasized that segregation and discrimination among citizens; particular government officials are not visible within the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led-government of President George Manneh Weah.

“After the inauguration of President George Manneh Weah, this was the first mosque he came to. Some of the things the President has done for Islam are unprecedented. Today when you look at the structure of his government, everybody is protected and treated equally. He can’t say this other person supposed to be here, because of his tribe or religion”.

“We will always be here with you. Your please keep praying for our, President, your children and keep praying for peace in our country so God can continue to protect the leadership and move this country forward”.

For their part, the beneficiaries commended Mr. Damaro for the donation.

They pointed out the Special Presidential Aid is always willing to come to their aid whenever they are in dying need.

They, however, promised to use the generator donated for its purpose intended.

The beneficiaries, however, vowed to continue to pray for the sustenance of peace and stability in Liberia.

They called on citizens of other religions to avoid promoting the spirit of segregation and pray for the country’s leadership and the forward match of Liberia.

“We like to say thank you very much for coming to our aid. We were really in need of it. We pray that wherever this generator is coming from, God will multiple it,” an official of the mosque stated.