President Weah Gifts Liberian Female Journalists Assoc. Headquarters


Monrovia – On Saturday a fundraising program intended to begin the construction of the Female Journalists Association (FEJAL) headquarters turned to a dedication ceremony, when President George Weah unveiled an already built headquarters for the association.

It was shocking to many female journalists and guests as the program begin with formal speeches and fundraising from government officials.

President Weah presented One dollar as his donation and instructed FEJALs president Siatta Scott-Johnson and the head of the construction project  Estelle Liberty Kemoh to opened several boxes.

The boxes included 2.5 lot deeds, the key to a ten seated bus, and a photograph of the already built headquartes.

A film was shown as from the date the discussion between President Weah for the construction in 2016 when the President was Montserrado Senator. The video captured start of the project to its end.

Weah described the dedication as history.

“I’m giving you press freedom but you must be professional and we all can save the state from violence,” he said.

FEJAL president added that the dedication will not compromise the reportage of female journalists.

Johnson said headquarters was a dream come through for the association and called on female journalists to remain professional and ethical.

“I am out of words, our dreams have been achieved, we’ve been crafting how we could start but with this dedication all we can say is that we are grateful,” she said.

”I want to say to the Liberian people that the dedication and turning over will in no way compromise our code of ethics and our reportage will remain the same, we appreciate the efforts, some wonder why the media,  but again we remain professional.”

She said It is essential that FEJAL be strengthened as an institution to create a space of female journalists.

Ms. Johnson stressed that FEJAL will ensure that female voices are heard.

“We envisioned a media landscape. Promote social justice, and equal opportunity.”

For Ms. Kemoh, head for the construction committee, although the construction was not a surprise to her, she is grateful.

She recalled that the discussion was held in 2016 when the land was given.

Then, he didn’t promise to build the headquarters till few months ago, when the construction was completed, she narrated.

Ms. Kemoh urged FEJAL leadership to continue  building the capacity of female reporters as women stories will be highlighted.

Both house speaker Bhofal Chambers and Senate Pro Tempore Albert Chie admonished the media to be ethical, promising to support FEJAL and press freedom.

Said Pro Temp Chie: “We support the press but they should practice ethical journalism because we wouldn’t sit here and make you spoil someone reputation, though we passed the press freedom act there are other route we can used.”

FeJAL, an auxiliary of the Press Union of Liberia, was Founded 1998 to protect the rights of female journalists, promote press freedom, and strive to bring women in the media.