Pres. Weah Urges Cuttington University Graduates to stand against criticisms


Suakoko, Bong County – President George Weah Friday urged graduates of Cuttington University to “never give up” and find the courage to challenge the establishment and critics, much like he has done since becoming President of Liberia.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you believe, especially when you know it is right,” President Weah said.

“Nothing worth doing ever and ever,” Weah said in his first university commencement speech as President.

“Following your heart means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the same courage to do what is right. And they know what is right but they don’t have the courage to do it.”

Weah, a footballer turned politician, urged graduates to serve their neighbors, commit themselves to a life of excellence and to serve others.

“But, always remember that professional success and personal satisfaction require more than knowledge and talent,” President Weah said. “To lead a meaningful life, you must embody certain core values.

Applauding the graduates for achieving academic success despite obstacles, President Weah also reminded them that there would be more challenges, and some disappointments, in the days and years ahead.

“But never forget the dream that brings you here today,” he said. “Pursue that dream with passion and with courage. “During the ceremony, the University also bestowed President Weah with an honorary doctorate degree for his service and as a compassionate humanitarian.

“It’s about you making a difference if you choose to. And to that, I want to challenge each of you to make positive decisions, to recognize the consequences,” he said.

“Be inspired, be inspiring to others, and do it all with humility and a large amount of gratitude”