The Tale of University of Liberia 97th Graduating Class Valedictorian


Monrovia – Born unto the union of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis H. Taylor,  Lexanndine T. Taylor, Valedictorian of the University of Liberia (UL) 97th Graduating Class is a shining example that we must step up the effort to educate our girls children.

Miss. Taylor was metaphorically born with a pen and a book in her hands. Even from the cradle, she always expressed her desire to go to school when the older kids were leaving the house for school.

On her first day of school at the Levi C. Williams Resource Learning Center she would surprise everyone who had guessed, wrongly, that she would have cried to go back home; she simply waved “Good-bye” and followed her teacher into the classroom.

Lexanndine received a promotion at the end of the first semester of 3rd grade, with the highest average, from the Levi C. Williams Resource Learning Center to enroll into the J. J. Roberts United Methodist School (JJRUMS) in the 4th grade.

Miss Taylor continued where she left off at the Levi C. Williams School—striving for academic excellence.

In 2011, Miss Lexanndine T. Taylor graduated as valedictorian of the J. J. Roberts United Methodist School-receiving the highest rewards in 12 of 15 subjects done by the Senior High Division.

After graduating from high school, Miss Taylor enrolled as an Accounting major, at the University of Liberia, an institution also known as the microcosm of the larger society.

On Friday, December 9, 2016 at the Commencement Convocation of the A. Romeo Horton College of Business and Public Administration, Lexanndine T. Taylor was presented as the Valedictorian of the College.

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016, Lexanndine T. Taylor was again presented as the Valedictorian of the seven Undergraduate Colleges of the University of Liberia, and with the highest GPA of 3.87 of the 97th Graduating Class. 

“It did not come as a surprise,” Lexanndine said as she graduated with highest honors (summa cum laude). Preparation and hard work have been her daily regimens for most of her young life.

At age 20, Lexanndine is one of the youngest graduates and one may argue, perhaps, the youngest valedictorian-in the University of Liberia’s history-achieving the highest honors in the 97th graduating Class of the University of Liberia.

This feat should serve as a motivation for all girls/females, as well as young people of Liberia that they can once again make Liberia a beacon in the world once again.

Ms. Taylor wants to become a certified public accountant with a vision to help strengthen the accounting practices in Liberia. Currently, she is an intern at Baker Tilly, one of the world’s leading accounting firms. 

Miss Lexanndine T. Taylor is a devout Christian and a Lay Servant of the Stephen Trowen Nagbe United Methodist Church. She is also an active participant in other programs at the church.

At church and school, Lexanndine has always been a sparkle craving to coalesce with other sparkles in order to form a beacon that will illuminate Liberia vast human resources.

It is expediently essential that our country begins to invest in the likes of Lexanndine Taylor if we would want to compete with other nations and resume our position as a beacon.