Sen. Gaye Describes Wife’s Attitude As Act of Gangsterism


Monrovia – In a petition for the Civil Law Court to dismiss the petition for an action of divorce filed by his wife, Senator Alphonso Gaye said his wife had been behaving in a gangster-like manner as in her bid to deprive him of the presence of his children.

According to him, he and his wife, Meekie Gaye, have three children. He added that she returned from the United States on October 12, 2016 and slept in their matrimonial home peacefully without hindrance.

According to him, to his surprise, on October 13, 2016, after he had departed for work, his wife hired a cargo truck and packed everything from their matrimonial house into the truck.

He added that she “wrested and kidnaped the children in a gangster’s behavior from their legally wedded abode and commandeered the children and everything in the house to an undisclosed destination without the acquiescence, cognizance and approval of me and has refused to return children and the items home,” Gaye averred in the petition.

Gaye noted in an attempt to resolve the matter, a senior member of the family asked his wife to return home, in that her action was inconsistent with family values.

Gaye’s petition to the court: “In an apparent disregard to the advice of her elders, she contacted her lawyer on October 26, 2016 to embark upon this un-matrimonial and bogus lawsuit that has no legal basis.

Since she kidnapped his children from their legal home and commandeered everything from there, he has been unable to contact the children and provide for them as a father should, neither have she returned anything to their home.

This unwholesome attitude on the part of her has denied and deprived him of every opportunity to love and care for the children.”

Contrary to her allegation that he abandoned the children with her without attending to their needs, Gaye said he cares and maintains the children and has made series of calls asking her to return the children home.

He wondered why his wife would ‘kidnap’ their children and make huge demands as ransom.

“I maintain that I missed my children and the sooner she returns my children, the happier we will be and adequate support will be given like the past,” he maintained in the petition.

Gaye’s wife filed for an action of divorce October 23, 2016, citing incompatibility of temper. In her petition for said action, she requested alimony pendete and maintenance and support.

Mrs. Gaye told the court that she had found an alternative dwelling place for she and the children to occupy for monthly rent of US$2,500 in Congo Town, outside Monrovia against her maintenance and that of the children.

She added that her husband must be responsible to maintain her at the level she had been used to living for the past 16 years of their marriage and as such the requested a “reasonable” amount of US$50,000.00.

But responding to his wife’s request for money, Sen. Gaye said such request was a conspiracy to dupe him.

On Wednesday, the Civil Law Court “A” at the Temple of Justice cited the couple for a conference with their legal representatives.

According to sources, the conference was to narrow issues before their appearances in open court.