Outgoing United States Official Appreciated For Support To Liberia’s Security Sector

Assistant Justice Minister for Correction and Rehabilitation, Eddie Trawali and outgoing INL/USA Director Madam Bisola Ojikutu

MONROVIA – The Bureau of Correction and Rehabilitation (BCR) at the Ministry of Justice has bestowed honor and appreciated the outgoing Director of the International Narcotic and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) at the United States Embassy near Monrovia for her indelible contributions towards the improvement of Liberia’s security sector.

Madam Bisola Ojikutu was appreciated by the Bureau, through Assistant Justice Minister for Correction and Rehabilitation, Eddie Trawali at a brief ceremony held at the embassy’s premises in Monrovia on Tuesday, April 7.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Front Page Africa shortly after the occasion, Minister Trawali disclosed that Madam Ojikutu has played a pivotal role in immensely ensuring that Liberia’s security apparatuses under the INL of the USA government were accorded the necessary financial and technical supports.

He recalled that the outgoing US official, who supervised the INL for several years in Liberia, contributed to the building of human resource capacities of officers of national security agencies in the country.

He pointed out that the renovation of security infrastructures, including various prison compounds across Liberia, can also be credited to Madam Ojikutu.

Minister Trawali added that necessary security reform programs have been instituted in the Liberian security sector as a result of the ingenuity of the outgoing US official.

 “We from BCR think it is very important that flowers should be given to people should basically serve when they are alive. Against this backdrop, BCR has thought it wise to appreciate Madam Bisola Ojikutu for her outstanding support to national security agencies in this country. She has been very resourceful, helpful in strengthening the rule of law- or the justice and security sector of Liberia. We from the BCR are deeply saddened that Madam Bisola Ojikutu has completed her mission in Liberia”.

He disclosed that under the leadership of Madam Ojikutu, a Correction and Rehabilitation Advisor was assigned at the Monrovia Central Prison (MCP) to put Liberia’s prison system on the right trajectory of international best practices relative to correction.

“Today if you go at the prison, we have incubated the process of a fleet management system where inmates are taught how to repair cars. We don’t pay money these days to garages when our cars are spoiled-it is our prisoners that fix our cars. The US government invested over US200, 000 in that project. Our inmates are also involved into the issue of tailoring. Madam Bisola Ojikutu has contributed a lot to that project. The inmates are producing their own correction uniform”.

Minister Trawali continued: “We are now involving into industrialize skill training program in terms of how we can produce public schools uniform. Today, if you go at Voinjama. Lofa County, she invested into water and sanitation project; prisoners and others are drinking pipe borne water in Voinjama and other areas. She trained our officers by sending senior and junior management staffs abroad for further studies”.

He noted that community correction program was also instituted to ensure the congestion of prison facilities in the country.

The Assistant Minister for Correction and Rehabilitation noted that it is prudent enough that a level of appreciation is extended for her “remarkable” contributions for  the “mission accomplished”

Minister Trwali, however, assured that the knowledge acquired from numerous trainings and mentorship under the supervision of Madam Ojikutu will “forever be practiced by senior security managers and officers of various security agencies in Liberia”.